The Big Tymers are a rap group, consisting of Mannie Fresh, and Brian "Baby" Williams. They are produced by Cash Money Records, a label created by "Baby" and his brother, Ron "Sugar Slim" Williams in 1992.

"New Orleans hip-hop has its own unique flavor steeped in the city's rich musical tradition. It blends both the traditional sounds and styles of jazz, second-line (a form of Brass jazz played at funerals), zydeco, and a smattering of gospel with more modern sounds of funk, old school hip-hop, dancehall reggae and New Orleans' bounce music. Add to that a milky pimp-like flow spiced with New Orleans' distinct drawl and street slang and what you have are Cash Money Records Mannie Fresh and [Brian "Baby" Williams[, the duo that comprise Big Tymers."

Baby and Mannie met eachother through a mutual friend, and once Mannie found out about Baby's musical talent he decided that they could work together, and that's how they started. Big Tymers wasn't officially started yet, however, and the two were just messing around together. Their big start was when they had a guest appearance on the Hot Boys LP "Get It How You Live" which gave them some serious exposure. They then released their own album in 1998 when Mannie joined up with the Cash Money bros. and continued making appearances with the Hot Boys and Juvenile.

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