Would you like to know how to pimp? Or perhaps you're more interested in the history of the pimping lifestyle in America. Check out the 1999 documentary American Pimp made by the Hughes Brothers. The documentary takes you into the world of pimps today.

The Hughes Brothers do a fantastic job of documenting the experiences of themselves, hoes, and pimps of America. While the idea of pimping comes off very cool and looks great. The bling bling image of the lifestyle essential covers the complete abadoning of morality. It's simple, pimping is about one thing: money. American Pimp is 87 minutes of interviews and footage of hoes and their pimps. Mostly pimps, you feel sad while they show people how they use their charisma to essentially take women's confidence and respect and use them as meat for their own ends. Explanations are given(watch to hear and see them) showing how a pimp helps women. But help in the sense of them hoeing themselves out alone. I liked the documentary, they show footage from the pimp of the year contest, lots of pimps wear bad ass clothes and drive insanely smooth rides. But the use of drugs(not really touched) and the physical and mental abuse(touched in the documentary) of women for control gives me the creeps. The fact it's done, and mainly the fact that people are smooth enough to do it.

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