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Pimps Up, Ho's Down was an entertain-u-mentary that aired on HBO several years ago as part of the America Undercover series. It was rather short on actual information (thus I hesitate to call it a documentary), but contained scene after hilarious scene of various pimps just doing their thing, along with some cheesy narration from Iceberg Slim books and a soundtrack.

Featured were such luminaries as Don 'The Magic' Juan, a pimp and Christian preacher; Ice-T, the former rapper who insists that his music career was a brief period in which he was a ho in an otherwise pimpin' life; Mr. Whitefolks, the Bentley driving purple-hatted Caucasian who is 'in the game;' Pimpin' Ken, a poindexterous pimpin' nerd;, Big Lex, a lesbian pimp; and King James, who is just a plain ol' pimp. The culmination of the hour long laugh fest is the Pimp of the Year awards or some such convention in Las Vegas, where Don 'The Magic' Juan is the honorary host and discusses the 'Kwi-teeria' for giving out the awards.


Purvis has come into possession, thanks to Beigs, of a DVD of the director's cut of Pimp's Up, Ho's Down (sic). Yes, that's how it's (mis)spelled on the cover, to which I must defer since I don't recall seeing the words actually written out anywhere in the HBO version.

The director's cut features some additional strip club footage and some other stuff here and there, but the major addition is a lengthy, jaw-droppingly incoherent rant by a coked-up Deion Sanders look-alike.

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