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EARLY 2002:

I am going to dedicate my life to becoming a champion figure skater, for the sole purpose of getting into the Olympics at some point and BLOWING PEOPLES' MINDS by selecting War What Is It Good For as the music to my routine. Then I will do the short program to It's Not Unusual. No one will be able to contain my furiously swinging and gyrating hips! Permanent Revolution will reign!

There is a possible obstacle in the fact that I am 23 and have never ice skated in my life. Plus I'm not a person who enjoys practicing things, and I'm afraid of falling and also of razor sharp objects in general. But my previous 'goals' of being a physicist and activist for social and environmental justice seem so hollow now.

When I think about the challenges I will face on the road to this dream, I think about what my high school guidance counselor once said - that I could accomplish anything I want if I work hard enough and put my mind to it. And he led the football team to a 7-3 record my senior year, so this guy knew his stuff. Look out Olympics!

EARLY 2004:

Ok, that figure skating thing didn't exactly pan out.

I think I've got a new plan though. Currently, I'm spending a lot of time taking exams, shooting pool, and looking busy. But when things quiet down, I'm going to finish my script!

It is going to be about the hillarious screwball antics of a bunch of people in physics graduate school. It takes place at Coastal Beach State University and it is going to be full of dumb ass bimbos for undergraduates and sleazy yet loveable archetypes in grad school. I'm envisioning a M.A.S.H. type thing, where the movie leads to a television series. Unlike M.A.S.H., the TV series is not going to be wussed down into a 'feel good' half hour. I'm thinking of She Blinded Me With Science for the theme song when the credits roll, swtitching to New Mother Nature around season three.