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says I saw a werewolf drinking a Pina colada at Trader Vics.. His hair was Perfect.

says well there is Up against the wall and then there is Here's a wall - here's you, here's me - notimelikethepresent- two different things

says re Electrolyte imbalance: For the moment, this is your best - tough stuff, written with a light, sympathetic hand. Congratulations! But I see a lot more coming ... And some of the fiction is most endearing. Do I sound patronising? Well, I certainly don't want to. But I DO like your writing, so I have the right of ... whatever.

says Oh no, I didn't think you were cruel at all. Besides, most physicists are harmless. The worst we came up with was the atomic bomb, after all ;)

says rent or corset? which would you spend money on?

says manwhowouldhelpwithlaundry would get all the chicks after ME

says To think I visited your scratchpad as well!!! The scandal, we hardly know each other after all, people will begin to talk :)

says As with many other things, you are right about this; but don't worry, I think I worry far too much about health and drinking to ever be an alcoholic.

says Of course I respect you.

says I tend to like messed up people. I think baggage makes them interesting. And vivacity and a kind of depth of soul comes from "having issues".

says Her. Definitely, her. I loved her.

says By the way, I would assume you were being sarcastic, if it weren't you.

says Look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, it wasn't anything personal, and you did a very nice job with the narrator's voice.

says I'll tell you something: I pegged you early on as a total E2 addict, and so did a few others. You should quit now, while you can. It's totally addictive. You'll meet someone, fall in love, it'll ruin your family. Don't laugh, please, because it happened to me. So I look for folks like you and try to warn you.

says Systematic downvoting happens. And yeah, it sucks. By the time it's happened to you five or six times, though, the sting of the insult wears off completely and you're just annoyed and you start to marvel to yourself about how important you obviously are to that other person. That's probably really unhelpful advice, isn't it? It's an abuse of the voting system and I've thought for awhile that there should probably be some automated way of stopping it (like, say, if you cast three downvotes in a row on one person's work in one day, you can't vote on their stuff again until votes turn over, or something like that. Just to slow people down until they're willing to act like grown-ups again.) I know you worry a lot about what people think -- and obviously that's normal, we all do that. But you can't let yourself dwell on it. It's not worth it, really.

says At work. Should be home soon. Lonely is an uuuugly suit to wear. Don't look, I'm hideous.

says Nothing went wrong, it is just painful to see her, is what I mean.

says Only women can pack lunches now?

says Rosemary's baby don't scare me and neither do you. You ain't evil, just rambunctious.

says I'm older than you jessica and I'm a bedding snob, but in a whole different use of the use word Bedding.

says What's love about? As much as I tend to dislike pop psychology M Scott Peck's take on it in The Road Less Traveled was pretty good.

says Don't we all . . .

says Yay, level 2! Congrats!

says I'm sorry to hear that, Jes. *hug*

says I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

says Well, then you're aces in my book and you can call me if you ever want to talk. My number is

says I hate those people who love exercise. I've tried it. It's fucking misery. People who really enjoy it should be shot.

says I did much the same thing with all of my writeups before posting them. I let my wife read and edit them and before I would post them I'd ask her 3 questions: 1) Can the point of my writeup be described in one sentence? 2) Did what I say in the writeup merit saying? and 3) Is the writeup titled properly?

says there's an obsession with what are (in my opinion) totally unimportant things, like the XP system and theming, and an avoidance of the things that really make the site worth keeping, i.e. structures to help writers and recognition of many different types of quality work

says I made you cry? :(

says I heart Jacques-Louis David

says I would be depressed or insane for real if it wasn't for writing

says it's a massive internal conflict! and you can see exactly where I get it if you look at my mother and father. My mother is totally emotional, intuitive and irrational. My father is like a wooden block emotionally, but highly social and rational.

says that's fine. that's evolution :-) new shit is better than old shit

says you take care too :-) you're fun to talk to and I like your perception of things. "Until you realize that you knew how to deal with the old shit" is a very good comeback that made me think....

says you're quiet today

Cool Man Eddie says Hey, someone mysterious just gave you a C! to spend. You'd better use it by midnight, baby!

says Stalk away, darlin'.

says I have a history with stalkers, actually, and as a matter of fact I'm not very good at recognizing them until it's far too late. :(

says Which is your favourite sister in Sense and Sensibility?

says You have good sources, Jessica. You're scary that way.

says You were right. The ambiguity can be fun though, if anyone really wants to know they can ask me. Who wasn't sure - if I may ask?

says My friend got his heart for his transplant...

says I told you, don't worry about it. BTW, thanks for being you.

says Would have been funny if you did it publicly :) We could have a fake fight in the catbox if you like!

says Hey, saw you taking crap yesterday in the catbox.. I'll apologize for those without manners enough to do so themselves. That's why you won't find me in it. I very rarely participate in that perticular social aspect of E2. I also very rarely msg noders personally if I haven't already met them. Feel all sorts of loved :)

says Nothing. I'm Sorry..i love you bye.

says re A time to kiss: now thaaaat was fun to read

says (Intergalactic blowjobs)++

says thank you mysterious typo ninja 

says How are you today Miss?

jessicaj says I'm not sure I really know how to answer that. I've felt lousy all day. Maybe I'm coming down with something. How are you?

says Tired. I'm about to go to sleep. Good night, dera. 

says "dear", I mean.

says Goodnight. *kiss


And that gentle reader is why I love E2.