I miss your eyes when you'd look at me and know exactly what I was thinking
I miss your mind, the library with which I never ceased to be fascinated.
I miss coffee, I never drank coffee
I miss being passive-aggressive together.
I miss walking and talking with you, and watching the water fall and the fish jump.
I miss the 8 hour phone conversations and arguing about whether or not I should go to bed.
I miss your skin, which I have scarcely known, but will always remember.
I miss the way you cocked your head at me when I was being suggestive.
I miss being there for you when you cry.
I miss your straight-jacketed hyena laugh and all of it's implications.
I miss hearing you talk about the Renaissance Festival and your antics therein.
I miss your voice.
I miss the opportunity to kiss you, although I don't think I could ever actually do it.
Most of all I miss your friendship, and your hand that was once within my own.

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