(A nodeshell rescue commando special operation)

Dai-Un is Sensei's cat. Due to Sensei's illness, his cat has taken over the noding, as you can see at his home node.

This is thought to be part of the E2 Feline Conspiracy, but in response to this allegation, Sensi said "I Don"T Know whast WInnterseeert is talkijng aboout. I Have nothing to dso witn anny c0onspirascy. She isd a noice girlb ut i ddon'ttt even haave a caaaat.] HEh hee!! SHe shoulds node {HEian eras] thingds.".

Whatever the case, Dai-un's breathtaking insights into the human mind are loved by all. Who wouldn't be amazed by such literary brilliance as:

UUUUUUUmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmkklhoii08lkj///////////oiup09898-00---0hi_{9-=9hhn'pter65s436542;od'!!! hehehehhkjcxhlhkl;;?



And that is the reason for this node: To pay homage to our sensei's cat, Dai-un.

Sensei, we miss you, and we miss Dai-un.

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