Kayla's head dropped as the music died. Lying on his girlfriend's bed Noah Summerville flipped through his magazine. Cautiously Kayla tickled his long bare foot. Seconds later she was flat on her back. The kiss was hungry, thorough and passionate but Kayla wasn't into it the way Noah was. Uneasily she swept her long hair back while he massaged her breasts. Frustrated by her non-response Noah went back to reading his magazine.

Angrily Kayla grabbed his latest issue of Sports Illustrated. Carelessly Noah tossed it on her nightstand before pulling her back into his arms. Contrite now Kayla kissed him on the cheek. “What’s the matter?”  Noah shrugged indifferently still focused on the front of her shirt. Another smile twisted his lips. There wasn't a good way to explain what was on his mind. “I’ve got a crush on Lana.”

Noah had the same oddly pitched voice that his deaf friends did but Kayla didn’t care. She nodded as she thought about what he had said. Kayla knew why he liked Lana. “I have a crush on her too, she’s hot.” A slow smile spread across Noah's face. His searching fingers traveled under the straps of her layered tank top. Blue-green eyes held deep brown ones as he laid her down to kiss the soft skin near her navel. Kayla smiled playfully until he crushed her much smaller body beneath his.

Loving hands covered his ears as Kayla tried to imagine what it must be like to be deaf; to have never heard a sound, any sound, even a screechy annoying one. Seconds later her tank top was flying across the room. The top half of her was naked but Noah couldn't take his eyes off the spot between her legs. Fumbing hands reached for her shorts. A worried look creased Kayla's face as their bare chests met. A guilty flush colored Noah's handsome face. This wasn’t about love it was about lust.

Kayla's anxious brown eyes never moved from his as she reached under the mattress. Noah almost laughed when he saw the box of condoms cradled in her hands. Had she known that he had just been to Target? Sometimes they were so much alike it scared him. Her eyes were warm as she tore the package open. Every warning and all the statistics he had ever heard screamed through his mind as her lips formed the words he needed to see. “I love you Noah.”

It was the moment Noah had been hoping for. Long fingers teased the tan of her thighs apart while he whipered back to her. Uncomfortably Kayla squirmed against him. Was that real passion or was she faking it? Inwardly Kayla steeled herself for the pain she knew would follow. It didn’t bother her that she never felt anything when Noah was caressing her. All that meant was she wasn't a sleazy tramp like some of the girls she knew. “Do you want a blowjob?”

Inside of her his fingers stopped moving. Was he imagining things or was she silkier than she had been? A blowjob. She had gone down on him before but he had never had an orgasm in her mouth before. Kayla smiled to herself as she saw him vacillate. Today she was going to give Noah a gift he would never forget. Her innermost muscles tightened as she watched him licking moisture off his fingers. Sex would hurt but she was going to do it because she loved him.

The thought stayed with her as he put his face in between her legs. Whatever he was doing now felt different. She felt different. Summer sun scorched the kissing couple. Noah's hands were moving but they weren't moving fast enough for her. Strange parts of her body ached. Rapid twinges made her legs shake. Sounds that Noah couldn't hear filled the room. Sensation washed over Kayla's twitching limbs. She was laughing and crying at the same time when he entered her fully.

Curiously she watched him thrust into her. She cried out again but Noah was beyond noticing. Soft kisses dotted her shoulder as he withdrew from her body. Kayla handed him some tissues suddenly nervous that he hadn't used a condom. “I love you Kayla.”  Her bow shaped lips curved into a worried smile. “I love you too-a Noah.” That brought a smile to his face but it quickly faded. He tossed the tissues aside and picked her up.

“I talked to Lana. She thinks you should go to school to be a pediatrician.” Tears rained down his naked chest. Now that they were done she was scared. A liquid spurt of semen had her running to the bathroom. She wet her washcloth again before scrubbing furiously. Life wasn’t fair. Noah was more mature than some of the guys that she knew but she would be eighteen in October and he had just turned sweet sixteen the day before yesterday.

“We should get married.” She turned to find Noah leaning against the bathroom door, his blonde masculinity out of place in her feminine bathroom. “I want to marry you Noah. When you’re eighteen we’ll do it.” Noah kissed the top of her head again. In the back of his mind was an image of her standing in the shower. “My stupid fucking parents better not give me any shit about it either. We could get married now if I had parental consent. Fuck that.”

“Noah...,” Desperately she held his face in her hands. We can wait. Your parents are a lot better than mine are. We have to think about this. We have to think about where we’re going to live as long as we’re both in school." Impatiently he shrugged her hands off. “Lana will help us. She told me to hang in there. She said that she held me when I was a baby and…,” 

Noah looked down at her hands. “I can’t help it if I have a crush on her. She said she wished she never would have dropped out of grad school so we have to learn from her mistakes. Don’t drop out of school when you turn eighteen even if you can. She said you’d be a good nurse but you’d be an even better doctor. She’s not just saying that either. You know she doesn't do shit like that.” Kayla nodded as she looked out her bedroom window. “I was playing a song for you. Did you hear it?”

Noah smiled as he rested his chin on the top of her head. “I love you Kayla.” Abruptly she turned to face him. Kayla kissed him lightly, smiling as she rubbed her nose against his. Two years wasn't that long to wait. It seemed like an eternity but it would be worth it. The idea of being married to him brought her smile back. “That’s Dr. Kayla Lynn Cooper-Summerville to you buddy. Just you wait.”

Sitting next to Kayla Noah's mind wandered. Losing control like that had scared him. He didn't know what they would do if she had just gotten pregnant. Nervously he touched the side of her cheek looking for reassurance. Her brown eyes were serious as she looked up at him. Fear, hope, love, he could see what she was thinking. Sitting on the edge of her bed both of them had questions but neither of them had any answers.


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