It's often listed as just plain old Tufts but it is indeed a university. Sometimes people complain because Tufts is not an ivy league school, like Harvard, but they should thank their lucky stars that they're not at an ivy league school.

Tufts is right near Davis Square in Somerville, MA. The mascot is a giant elephant named Jumbo (because P.T. Barnum of Barnum and Bailey fame was one of the initial big donors). Oh, and it's on a big hill.

Another proud Tufts tradition is the "Naked Quad Run," which occurs at the end of every fall semester on the first night of reading period. (This is usually around December 15 or so, and quite cold and snowy.) The entire campus turns up, students, faculty, and staff, to watch about 900-1000 undergrads get drunk in West Hall on the upper campus at the top of Walnut Hill. Then, at around 10:00 p.m. or so, the Flesh Express boils out the doors of West Hall and runs the quarter mile lap around the residential quad. Most people run at least two laps, though some walk, juggle, ride a bicycle, or whatnot. One group in 2000 played diggeridoo as they walked. There was a late night breakfast afterward, but this was cancelled after the 1998 Pancake Riot.

Tufts is a large University with its main campus sitting right on the Somervile/Medford line in the Greater Boston Area of Massachussetts.

Tufts gets its name from Charles Tufts, a wealthy brick manafacturer who lived in Somerville. Tufts donated 20 acres of land on Walnut Hill, one of the highest hills in the Boston area, to the Universalist church with the stipulation that it be used to found a University. (he later donated over 80 acres more land to the university)

Tufts University is known for their food also. They are the only college that is ranked on the top cafeteria food list that is not a culinary school.

I've been there before, and their menu is impressive, and far better than Harvard or MIT. I was able to sit down to a meal of mozzeralla and balsamic vinegar and some real good garlic bread while looking at the big list of meats, fruits, and everything else in the four food groups.

They are also known for their very hilly campus, with large inclines between the buildings.

Tufts University is also well known for accepting most of the kids who were wait-listed at or rejected by Harvard; it makes up a signifigant part of the student body.

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