The Arena Computing Annex is a "temporary building" on the campus of Tufts University. While we are unsure of the actual erection date, it was quite a number of years ago. Its known to students as "The red shack" (because thats what it really is)

It was erected next to the Arena Theater, and known as the "Arena Computing Annex" as it was considered an annex off from the Arena Theater. Even now, years after the Arena Theater has been Bulldozed, and has been replaced with a memorial stone, the name lives on.

The building started out housing dumb terminals for students. It was back in the days of multi-user systems and serial lines.

As time went on, Tufts saw that Computing was going to be a big thing, and founded Acedemic Computing. Some new walls were erected in the building, creating a bunch of offices, and a small reception area for an office assitant to greet people. (who has been replaced, in recent years, with an arrow pointing people over to the back).

The dumb terminals were moved into, what is today, the back conference room. They were eventually removed due to issues with equipment dissapearing.

As it is a "temporary building" (never mind that its probably as old as I am, and noone can remember exactly when it was built) it tends to not show up (or not be labeled) on maps of the campus. Getting delivery here is often a surreal experience (however normal mail gets here fine)).

Gets a bit too warm in the Summer, and a bit too cool in the winter, but all in all, its a fine little red shack.

(Information culled together mostly from the stories of Paula Fisher, our self apointed oral historian in Arena)

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