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Hmmm Bio....

Well I was born a Human in the very late 70's. My first clear memory is this dark tunnel with a light....oh wait...

I currently work as a System Programmer, and spend most of my day either administering Unix based systems or writting PERL code for those same systems. That and, now, noding.

My interests range from building Tesla Coils to pharmacology.Oh, and motorcycling!

I bought my first bike this year and I love it. It has become my primary means of locomotion. Nothing quite like the feeling of riding down some nice curving country road on a nice sunny day.

Should anyone desire to contact me just shoot an email to and it should find me wherever I am.

Oh and I live in Boston (I love that dirty water) and am always up for meeting new people! Shoot me a mail and ill buy you a drink at the local pub. (assuming its legal to do be just as happy to break out a bowl and smoke some tea too - or not...whatever floats your boat)