Brian's Rumors Daily is an underground website at Tufts University, as far as I can tell the only one of it's kind in the nation, which reports rumors, news, student opinion as well as a whole bunch of random things that are just there to amuse the creator.

It gets in trouble a lot because there are now thousands of people who view it each week, almost all of them are from Tufts, so they get understandably riled when things about themselves are posted. Most especially problematic for them, as of late, has been the anonymous forum which allows anybody to post almost anything without fear of reprisal. Already one lawsuit has been threatened. All in all an entertaining thing.

Rumors Daily is no more. It was a great page, and even generated some great controversy (as some members of the University did not like its no censorship policy). Brian closed down the site and replaced it with a "Rembrant Brown" fan page March 7, 2001.

The end came because Brian appears to have been tired of it all. Constantly finding new rumors, and defending the page, all the while its users just abused it. People calling him nasty things for running such an open and anonymous forum. Others using the forum as a place to talk about people they don't like, rather than about the issues at hand.

There is a secret final Rumors Daily column for those who know how to find it. It explains this all in much greater detail.

Sad, it was a great place to find out what the students were up to and cared about. As a university staff member, I always found that to be interesting.

Also, to correct a possible misconception from a previous WU, Rumors Daily was not "At Tufts University" except in that the author was at Tufts and it was about Tufts. It was hosted outside of the University Network completely. If I remember right, at a web hosting company in California.

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