Its that time of year again. An intimidating document arrives through the letterbox. Filling out the religon section, many of you wrote 'Jedi Knight' in an act of subversion. Many of you ticked your name in the Everything People Registry (EPR) and herein are the results. I only counted, for a particular region, those who currently live there on a permanent basis. In total 1,623 entries were counted, up 318 on the last census taken in July 2002.

Obviously not every noder registers on the EPR and not every noder on the EPR is an 'active' one. This census can only ever hope to provide a rough guide to the proportion of noders living in a particular locale. The rate of change of noders over time may also give an indication of the popularity of E2 in that area.

As always the United States is in the ascendancy. It commands 55% of the EPR noderbase, little changed on last year. Canada and the UK are on an almost equal share- 11.6% and 11.3% respectively. On this performance the UK should overtake Canada to become the second most populous country in terms of noders by next year. In fourth place Australia boasts an astounding growth rate- 52% since last year!

Among the United States, California remains Queen of all she surveys. However, her growth (14%) is half that of Texas who moves into third position among the states and will threaten New York for second. The most vibrant states are Oregon and Ohio with growth rates of 45% and 57% respectively. Looking further down the list of states, Connecticut have been promoted into the 'Premier Division' (I've arbitrarily broken up the states into these divisions) and Rhode Island has gone up a division.

Finally, the census would like to report the addition of Brazil and Singapore to the noderworld. Oh... and Antarctica.

Declared number of users by continent Declared number of users by country
Change since last year in brackets
The Breakdown

United States

  1. California 91 (+13)
  2. New York 60 (+7)
  3. Texas 54 (+12)
  4. Florida 49 (+5)
  5. Massachusetts 48 (+8)
  6. Maryland 47 (+7)
  7. Oregon 45 (+14)
  8. Ohio 44 (+16)
  9. Illinois 31 (+7)
  10. Michigan 30 (+6)
  11. Pennsylvania 30 (+8)
  12. Tennessee 29 (+2)
  13. Wisconsin 27 (+8)
  14. North Carolina 23 (+8)
  15. Washington 23 (+8)
  16. New Mexico 21 (+2)
  17. Minnesota 16 (-)
  18. Georgia 19 (+5)
  19. Indiana 16 (+6)
  20. Colorado 15 (+1)
  21. Connecticut 15 (+6)
  22. Iowa 14 (+4)
  23. Missouri 14 (+3)
  24. Arizona 13 (+2)
  25. New Jersey 12 (-2)
States with between 5 and 9 users (inclusive)-
Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Lousiana, Maine, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia

States with between 1 and 4 users
Alaska, Delaware, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Wyoming, Hawaii, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota

States still free of users on the registry


United Kingdom


*Including only those Finnish noders deemed active by the author of that registry entry (the FinnDetector2 unearths a suprisingly large number of noders from that land).
**As pointed out to be by Metal_Rozsa

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