By examining the Everything People Registry (EPR) it is possible to get a picture of where most noders live. Not suprisingly, most of you hail from the US but the proportion of those from elsewhere has risen slightly. This year saw the emergence of Australia as a major E2 power. Canada doubled in strength. Ohio came from nowhere to sit among the top ten populated states. Besides Finland, the English speaking countries occupy the seats at the E2 security council. Vermont remains steadfastly free of the noder scourge.

This year I discounted those who said they had left their heart and soul in a particular region. This accounts for drops in some areas such as Prince Edward Island and Israel. In total 1,304 entries were counted, up 585 on the last census taken in June 2001.

There are about 12,600 'active noders' (i.e. those with one w/u or more) and, I estimate, this figure changed by about 3% since last year*. However, the number of entries in the EPR grew by 32%. This would suggest that the rise in the EPR is due to people who were already noders last year but have become more involved and added an entry. Anyway, the number of noders who registered is about 10% of the 'active' total, suggesting (for example) that there are 780 'active' noders in California.

The census found that 55% of the noderbase is from the US (down from 61% last year). Canada commands 13% (up from 10%), the UK 11% (up by a single percentage point) and Australia 5.5% (more than doubling from 2.4%). Finland seems to have a disproportionate number of noders which may be due to some zealous detective work. Though more Irish noders have registered, the slice of green on the pie chart has fallen from 2.2% to 2%. The rest of Europe has increased its share modestly from 5.2% to 6.3%. Its nice to see 9 new nations make their EPR debut.

If there is a story in all this it is that the Commonwealth nations have increased their noder numbers by 115%. Is anyone moving to Vermont?

Declared number of users by country
Change since last year in brackets
The Breakdown

United States

States with between 5 and 9 users (inclusive)-
Alabama,Alaska,Connecticut,Kansas,Kentucky,Lousiana,Maine,Oklahoma,South Carolina,Utah,Virginia

States with between 1 and 4 users
Arkansas,Delaware,Mississippi,Montana,Nebraska,Nevada,New Hampshire,Rhode Island,West Virginia,Wyoming and virgin states claimed Hawaii, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota

States free of users on the registry


United Kingdom

Australia (not broken into regions last time)

*From statistics compiled by Professor_Pi and available at
**Including only those Finnish noders deemed active by the author of that registry entry.
***After several recounts ;)

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