Parody of "The Sound of Silence" by Paul Simon

Hello, E2, my old friend,
I'm noding for numbers once again,
Because I was just thinking,
My Noderiety would be building,
So I'll type on the keyboard just a little more,
All night,
To the sounds of noding.

Don't know why we have no lives,
This noding makes us sleep-deprived.
So while everyone else is sleeping,
We stay up all night noding,
With the stare of a Death Borg watching our every move,
In hatred,
It's the sounds of noding.

In Pseudo's home node I just saw
Three thousand writeups, maybe more.
Writeups talking without thinking,
Writeups on speaking and drinking,
Writeups having song lyrics that we all share,
In the sounds of noding.

"Fools" said nate, "You do not know
That hardlinks make E2 grow.
Make some links so I might reach you,
Follow my links so I might teach you."
So we did, and it's now all gone to hell.
Oh, well.
That's the sounds of noding.

So the noders came and prayed
To the Perl god they made.
We don't know where we're going,
So we'll just stay right here, noding.
Can't say why, we'll just try and node a little more,
In the sounds of noding...
My deepest apologies to anyone who likes the original song. In fact, my deepest apologies to anyone who just read that.

This is not related to the sound of Everything. hodgepodge made that on his own, independant of this.

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