That's great I'll start with a milkshake, scrambled eggs and fries, burgers and some marmalade
I'll have a rib-steak, wild rice, baked potatoes, small salad, blue cheese, hold the olives, no tomatoes, pickled beets, pig's feet, bagels and some lox please A-1, tartar, where the hell's the salad bar!

Stuck behind a screaming baby, you've got turkey giblet gravy running down your neck, gee this coffee is awful, hey waitress where's my waffle, in the back burned black cause the cook's on crack, hey! uh-oh can't go bathroom overflow, listen to yourself burp feelin' like your gonna *urp*, heifer in the corner is a former blood donor and the junkies and the pimps and the cops, right! plain slam-dunk doughnut coffee makes you go nuts, waitress, orders, don't ignore us, check please!

It's the end of the meal as we know it....

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