A series of 2D console games by Capcom of the sidescrolling variety which are similar to the original Mega Man series, but with a darker plot and more items to find, such as various upgrade capsules and heart containers.

The games presumably take place in the future, farther into it than the Mega Man series does. It begins with an archaeologist named Dr. Cain stumbling upon the ruins of Dr. Light's laboratory. There, he finds a capsule containing a functional robot -- but a computer terminal there warns that this robot has emotions and free will, and thus would be exceedingly dangerous were it to break the First Law of Robotics.

Curious, and noting that all indicators on the capsule are green, Cain releases and activates the small, blue-armored android dubbed "Mega Man X" in the computer's files. Amazed by X's full sentience, Cain takes it upon himself to try to duplicate Light's success. Not being a true robotics engineer, he doesn't understand everything Light did, nor does he have all the resources Light does, so he has to make many approximations... but nevertheless, Cain and X successfully build a second free-willed robot, which he calls a Reploid. He goes public with his discoveries, and soon Reploids are in mass production.

However, within months, some reploids start going berserk, attacking humans with deadly intent. In response, a group of "Hunters" composed mostly of Reploids is established to keep these "Mavericks" from hurting anyone else, led by one of Cain's most advanced Reploids, Sigma. The Maverick Hunters manage to keep things under control for a few months... but then Sigma himself goes Maverick along with many of the Hunters, claiming that humans are an inferior race holding back the Reploid race.

At this point, X decides to join the sane remnants of the Maverick Hunters, now under the command of the mysterious, powerful Zero. The games chronicle X and Zero's struggle against Sigma's machinations. You can play as X or, in later games, Zero. Games in the Mega Man X series include:

According to TheBooBooKitty, Mega Man X was also available as an MSDOS CDROM.

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Here's A Flowchart:

Mega Man X: Armored Armadillo -> Launch Octopus -> Boomer Kuwanger -> Sting Chameleon -> Storm Eagle -> Flame Mammoth -> Chill Penguin -> Spark Mandrill -> Armored Armadillo

Mega Man X2: Bubble Crab -> Flame Stag -> Morph Moth -> Magna Centipede -> Crystal Snail -> Overdrive Ostrich -> Wire Sponge -> Wheel Gator -> Bubble Crab

Mega Man X3: Neon Tiger -> Gravity Beetle -> Blast Hornet -> Blizzard Buffalo -> Toxic Seahorse -> Tunnel Rhino -> Volt Catfish -> Crush Crawfish -> Neon Tiger

Mega Man X4: Cyber Peacock -> Storm Owl -> Magma Dragoon -> Frost Walrus -> Jet Stingray -> Slash Beast -> Web Spider -> Split Mushroom -> Cyber Peacock

Mega Man X5: Grizzly Slash -> Duff McWhalen -> Squid Adler -> Izzly Glow -> Dark Dizzy -> The Skiver -> Mattrex -> Axle The Red -> Grizzly Slash

Mega Man X Mavericks

These are in no particular order.

Armored Armadillo:
Weapon Attained: Rolling Shield
Weakness: Electric Spark

Spark Mandrill:
Weapon Attained: Electric Spark
Weakness: Shotgun Ice

Chill Penguin:
Weapon Attained: Shotgun Ice
Weakness: Fire Wave

Flame Mammoth:
Weapon Attained: Fire Wave
Weakness: Storm Tornado

Storm Eagle:
Weapon Attained: Strom Tornado
Weakness: Chameleon Sting

Sting Chameleon:
Weapon Attained: Chameleon Sting
Weakness: Boomerang Cutter

Boomer Kuwanger:
Weapon Attained: Boomerang Cutter
Weakness: Horming Torpedo

Launch Octopus:
Weapon Attained: Horming Torpedo
Weakness: Rolling Shield

Mega Man X2 Mavericks

These are in no particular order.

Wheel Gator:
Weapon Attained: Spin Wheel
Weakness: Strike Chain

Wire Sponge:
Weapon Attained: Strike Chain
Weakness: Sonic Slicer

Bubble Crab:
Weapon Attained: Bubble Splash
Weakness: Spin Wheel

Flame Stag:
Weapon Attained: Speed Burner
Weakness: Bubble Splash

Morph Moth:
Weapon Attained: Silk Shot
Weakness: Speed Burner

Magna Centipede:
Weapon Attained: Magnet Mine
Weakness: Silk Shot

Crystal Snail:
Weapon Attained: Crystal Hunter
Weakness: Magnet Mine

Overdrive Ostrich:
Weapon Attained: Sonic Slicer
Weakness: Crystal Hunter

Mega Man X3 Mavericks

These are in no particular order.

Blizzard Buffalo:
Weapon Attained: Frost Shield
Weakness: Parasitic Bomb

Toxic Seahorse:
Weapon Attained: Acid Burst
Weakness: Frost Shield

Tunnel Rhino:
Weapon Attained: Tornado Fang
Weakness: Acid Burst

Volt Catfish:
Weapon Attained: Triad Thunder
Weakness: Tornado Fang

Crush Crawfish:
Weapon Attained: Spinning Blade
Weakness: Triad Thunder

Neon Tiger:
Weapon Attained: Ray Splasher
Weakness: Spinning Blade

Gravity Beetle:
Weapon Attained: Gravity Well
Weakness: Ray Splasher

Blast Hornet:
Weapon Attained: Parasitic Bomb
Weakness: Gravity Well

Mega Man X4 Mavericks

These are in no particular order.

Magma Dragoon:
Weapon Attained:

for Mega Man X: Rising Fire
for Zero: Ryuenjin
Weakness: Double Cyclone

Frost Walrus:
Weapon Attained:

for Mega Man X: Frost Tower
for Zero: Hyouretsuzan
Weakness: Rising Fire

Web Spider:
Weapon Attained:

for Mega Man X: Lightning Web
for Zero: Raijingeki
Weakness: Twin Slasher

Split Mushroom:
Weapon Attained:

for Mega Man X: Soul Body
for Zero: Kuuenbu
Weakness: Lightning Web

Cyber Peacock:
Weapon Attained:

for Mega Man X: Aiming Laser
for Zero: Rakuhouha
Weakness: Soul Body

Storm Owl:
Weapon Attained:

for Mega Man X: Double Cyclone
for Zero: Tenkuuha
Weakness: Aiming Laser

Jet Stingray:
Weapon Attained:

for Mega Man X: Ground Hunter
for Zero: Heinkyaku
Weakness: Forst Tower

Slash Beast:
Weapon Attained:

for Mega Man X: Twin Slasher
for Zero: Shippuuga
Weakness: Ground Hunter

Mega Man X5 Mavericks

These are in no particular order. The names in the parentheses are the English names, for some weird reason they're parodies of the band Guns N' Roses.

Crescent Grizzly (Grizzly Slash):
Weapon Attained:

for Mega Man X: C-Shot
for Zero: C-Sword
Weakness: Spike Ball

Bolt Kraken (Squid Adler):
Weapon Attained:

for Mega Man X: Tri-Thunder
for Zero: E-Blade
Weakness: Goo Shaver

Shining Firefly (Izzy Glow):
Weapon Attained:

for Mega Man X: F-Laser
for Zero: C-Flasher
Weakness: Tri-Thunder

Tidal Whale (Duff McWhalen):
Weapon Attained:

for Mega Man X: Goo Shave
for Zero: F-Splasher
Weakness: C-Shot

Spiral Pegasus (The Skiver):
Weapon Attained:

for Mega Man X: Wing Spiral
for Zero: W-Shredder
Weakness: Dizzy Hold

Spike Rose (Axl The Red):
Weapon Attained:

for Mega Man X: Spike Ball
for Zero: Twin Dream
Weakness: Ground Fire

Dark Necrobat (Dark Dizzy):
Weapon Attained:

for Mega Man X: Dark Hold
for Zero: Dark Hold
Weakness: F-Laser

Burn Dinorex (Mattrex):
Weapon Attained:

for Mega Man X: Ground Fire
for Zero: Quake Blazer
Weakness: Wing Spiral

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