Supervillain in DC Comics. Controls the entire electromagnetic spectrum (despite the name). Most recently a member of the first incarnation of the Injustice Gang (the traditional archenemies of the JLA) to be led by Lex Luthor.

There was (and still may be, I'm not sure) a Japanese female superhero going by the name of Dr. Light. I think she may have been killed during the Darkness Within/ Eclipso thing. Someone wanna help me out with that?

Dr. Thomas Light (sometimes misspelled "Right" or "Wright" by Capcom's translators) is chiefly known as the creator of Mega Man and Mega Man X. His first great achievement in robotics was the construction of tool-using robots such as Cut Man and Guts Man. However, when the doctor's lab assistant, Dr. Albert Wily, fell victim to a mind-altering accident, he stole six of the robots and reprogrammed them for evil. Dr. Light struck back by remodeling one of the remaining robots, Rock, into a robot capable of fighting Dr. Wily's evil plans of world domination. Thus Mega Man was born. While Dr. Wily would go on to construct wave after wave of new robot masters, Dr. Light has been fairly content to limit his projects to a handful of robots. His other famous creations include Roll (Mega Man's sister), Proto Man (a prototype unit on which Mega Man was based), Eddie (a power-up carrier), Rush (the robotic dog), Beat (the attack bird), Tango (the attack cat), and Auto (who runs the item shop in most cases).

Typically a background fixture of the series, Dr. Light has made a few brief appearances during the Mega Man series of video games. He often appears either at the end of the game to congratulate the blue bomber (such as in Mega Man 3) or in between levels to explain what certain items do (such as in Mega Man 7. In Mega Man 4 and Mega Man 5 for the Game Boy the good doctor appeared at the helm of a new item machine that could manufacture goodies for Mega Man in a job later assumed by Auto. Dr. Light has even played the victim; he was kidnapped by a Proto Man lookalike in the NES version of Mega Man 5.

Near the end of his life Dr. Light was working on a new advanced model of robot. This new creation would be able to make its own decisions and would be much closer to a human than a robot when it came to emotions and aspirations. This new robot, which the doctor called Mega Man X, required one hundred years of testing to ensure it would not go berserk and destroy the world. Dr. Light knew he would not live to see X emerge from the testing capsule, so he buried X deep underground for later discovery. Sometime after burying X, Dr. Light passed away... supposedly.

In the Mega Man X series a hologram of Dr. Light appears in hidden power capsules that X can use to upgrade his abilities. While early games in the series imply that these capsules contain merely a prerecorded message to X, later games confuse the matter by showing Dr. Light's hologram speak of recent events and events to come. Due to this discrepency it is not known if Dr. Light is currently dead or alive.

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