And here we have details on the life and times of Dr. Albert Wily (Yes, Albert. It's in the Capcom publicity materials from back in the early 90s).

The legend goes that Dr. Light and Dr. Wily were friends and lab partners in the old days, but just prior to Mega Man there was a lab accident that altered Dr. Wily's brain, turning him evil. He stole the six robots that he and Dr. Light had been working on: Cut Man, Bomb Man, Ice Man, Elec Man, Fire Man, and Guts Man. He reprogrammed the robots to do his evil bidding and sent them to take over the world. Fortunately, Dr. Light modified Mega Man to be a battle robot and Dr. Wily was vanquished (yet escaped capture).

Dr. Wily returned with revenge on his mind in Mega Man 2. This time the mad doctor had brought along eight robots of his own design: Air Man, Crash Man, Wood Man, Metal Man, Quick Man, Heat Man, Flash Man, and Bubble Man. Mega Man went back into action and defeated the doctor again, this time bringing him to justice.

Apparently Dr. Wily and Dr. Light made amends, because the start of Mega Man 3 sees the two doctors working together on a peacekeeping robot (called Gamma). To power Gamma's power cells, however, the scientists need eight energy cells from the eight Robot Masters in the land. Mega Man was dispatched to recover them, and after he did so Dr. Wily stole the cells and ran off with Gamma! The whole mission was all a trick to make Mega Man do the dirty work. Mega Man took off to the new Skull Castle and engaged in a showdown with Dr. Wily, but the twisted doctor was crushed by a brick.

In Mega Man 4 a new adversary named Dr. Cossack issued a challenge to Mega Man and sent eight new robots to help take over the world. The blue bomber was about to deliver the crushing show to the Russian renegade with Dr. Wily appeared, alive and well. Dr. Cossack was a mere pawn, forced to do Dr. Wily's evil work after the mad doctor held his daughter, Kalinka, hostage. With her freed, Mega Man and Dr. Wily battled yet again, although the scientist escaped once more.

Mega Man 5 began with Proto Man kidnapping Dr. Light and daring Mega Man to come and find him. Once our hero caught up to his robotic brother, it was revealed that a fake Proto Man staged the kidnapping... and was sent to do it by Dr. Wily! A few shots later and Mega Man had saved the day yet again.

A mysterious Mr. X stole eight finalists from a robot building competition in Mega Man 6 and planned to use them to take over the world. Of course, Mr. X was none other than Dr. Wily again in a new disguise. However, this time in the final battle Mega Man finally managed to capture the mad doctor and sent him to prison. Peace had returned...

... or had it? Six months after Wily's lab lay dormant four Robot Masters self-activated and broke into the prison to free their master. With the doctor on the loose yet again, Mega Man comes to the rescue in Mega Man 7. Wily escapes yet again. Mega Man 8 saw Wily trying to use the powers of evil energy from space to power his latest batch of robots. Of course, Mega Man put a stop to the plan and helped evil-energy-collector Duo back into space. In Rockman and Forte/Mega Man and Bass a new robot by the name of King is sent by Dr. Wily to try and take over the world, but this plan is thwarted by the combined efforts of Mega Man and Bass.

The first Game Boy game in the series, Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, starts with Dr. Wily reviving eight of his old robot masters and sending them to destroy Mega Man once and for all. Of course this scheme fails in the end. This leads into Mega Man 2 for the Game Boy in which Dr. Wily travels back in time to collect eight more old robot masters (which is cheaper than building new ones), although Mega Man destroyed them all in the end. By the time Mega Man 3 for the GB came around Dr. Wily was drilling for oil and other energy sources in the ocean, but was stopped by Mega Man. Mega Man 4 for the GB started with Dr. Wily breaks into the First Annual Robot Expo and reprograms eight of the robots to follow his orders. Mega Man put a stop to this plan as well. Dr. Wily got in over his head in Mega Man 5 for the Super Game Boy when he tried to revive the ancient space robot Sunstar, but in the end the weapon wound up shooting him out of the sky!

Dr. Wily showed up in the two Mega Man arcade games, Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters where he was trying to conquer the world with rebuilt incarnations of old robot masters. It was in these games that we learned that Dr. Wily was working on a secret project related to the Mega Man X series.

The final fate of Dr. Wily is unknown.

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