Video game for NES. See Mega Man

tips on beating this wonderful game, written by yours truly:

Bubble Man: I fight this guy first. Use your default cannon, or the metal gun if you have it.
Flash Man: Like Bubble Man, he is fairly easy. Use default weapon.
Metal Man: You can beat him easily with the default gun and lots of jumping.
Wood Man: Use the metal gun. very easy.
Air Man: Use Wood Man's leaf thing, he'll die in two shots.
Crash Man: The hardest part here is standing the tacky 80's music in his stage. :P Use the air gun when he jumps.
Quick Man: The stage is pretty hard, use flash man's thingy if you need to. But it's best to save that weapon for when you fight him, because use it and he will slowly die.
Heat Man: use the bubble cannon. He will die in 3 or 4 shots.

Wily Stage Bosses:

When you get to the boss with the pink barriers, use the crash bomb to explode them all, then kill yourself, recharge the crash bomb cannon, and use it against the shit that shoots at you in the boss's room.

When you get to Wily, at first use your default cannon to shoot at him. Once you explode a part of his vehicle and can now see his face, air cannon him like mad. Oh, yes, and you should be jumping to avoid his bullets at all times, of course.

When you get to Wily's alien, the only thing that will effectively damage it will be your bubble cannon. Avoid his bullets at all costs, then when he comes down, jump over him and fire bubbles like crazy. Once you beat him, Wily will start bowing and kissing your feet. You win.

A note on Wood Man:

Metal Blades do work. However, Crash Bombs which hit his shield immediately explode, and the explosions will go through the shield and hurt him. This is the cheap way to beat him.

If you really want to be 1337, though, charge up the Atomic Fire. Uncharged (Level 1) shots and semi-charged (Level 2) shots do nothing, but a fully charged shot (Level 3) is an instant kill, doing the full 28 points of damage in one hit.

Upon further investigation, this only works as an instant-kill on the US version's "normal" mode. This mode never existed in the other versions. In the US game's "difficult" mode and all other versions (including the Mega Man Anniversary Collection's Normal mode) a fully-charged Atomic Fire only does 14 points of damage, dropping Wood Man's energy by half. MMAC's Easy mode corresponds to the US game's Normal mode, so the instant-kill still works there.

I've found little difficulty in playing the stages in this order:
Wood Man: Just evade the Leaf Shield when he tosses it at you. Normal shots will do enough damage to kill him rather easily.
Air Man: Leaf Shield does wonders here.
Crash Man: Use the Air Shooter because Crash Man likes being high to attack.
Metal Man: Might as well get him out of the way, because you need the Metal Blade.
Bubble Man: Collect Bubble Lead to use on Heat Man.
Heat Man: I recommend doing Heat Man after killing Air Man so you have the Jet Sled to cross the large pits found in the level. Remember to recharge it after crossing.
Crash Man: Get his Time Stopper prior to battling Quick Man.
Quick Man: Time Stopper stops him in his tracks and drops his life by 1/2.

Weapons to use against the bosses of Dr. Wily's Castle.
Dragon: Quick Boomerangs do wonders here.
Block Robots: Use the Metal Blade to destroy the robots once they come out of the walls.
Guts Dozer: Not fast enough or strong enough to take a beating with Quick Boomerangs.
Homing Seekers: Immune to everything except Crash Bombs. Enter the battle with a full charge.
Teleporter Room: Fight everyone all over again. For Metal Man, use the Metal blade. Kills instantly! Other writeups in this node have suggested weapons to use. Keep a full charge for the Bubble Lead, because you'll need it in the final battle. In most cases, and against Wily, you'll be using the Metal Blade.
Alien Dr. Wily: Only thing that will harm him is the Bubble Lead.

When playing a game, the main question is, "How do I want to have fun this time?" This question is particularly acute with Mega Man games. Often, you can take the easiest route to victory and end up just getting bored (if you're good enough that is). This is why I no longer start off with Metal Man anymore. His weapon can attack in any direction and is almost impossible to run out of - and too many of the monsters have low HP to make the slightly lower damage it does a serious disadvantage. It's too good, and can be acquired too easily. I mean, here you are throwing rotary saws around! That's got to hurt.

While I don't want to kick ass and take names too easily, I do want to take a weapon that I will actually end up using, thus lending variety to the game. So I can't start off with Flash Man, unless I intend to go to Quick Man immediately thereafter. Similarly, I won't go for Bubble Man first either.

This leaves Wood Man, Air Man, Heat Man, Crash Man, and Quick Man. All of their levels (except Quick Man's) become much harder without the use of Metal Blades. However, Crash Man's level becomes ludicrously easy if I have the Wood Shield, so I will do that before Wood Man... You can see how this goes.

Mega Man hardly needs its difficulty switch (until the last stages) because you have so much control over how difficult the game will be. Even so, I appreciate its inclusion. The entire game has had a lot of thought put into it, and it is still barrels of fun.

Random tips:

  • To fight Metal Man most effectively, shoot once, then jump to dodge his blades... then shoot at ground level. If he was still in the air when you shot, then he won't dodge your last two shots. Another tactic is to trigger his jump by shooting, then shoot at random heights.
  • To fight Heat Man most effectively, shoot him at point blank range as soon as he comes out of his fire shield. It will spring up around him again. Take this time to retreat to a point where you can react to his charge in time. The first shot, use your P-cannon so it gets there fast. After that, you can use bubble.
  • To defeat Quick Man easily, shoot a crash bomb into the wall and stand in it. It will damage him repeatedly, and if you came in with at least 3/4 health you'll be fine. You can even survive with 2/3 if you're lucky with the timing of his jumps.
  • To defeat Bubble Man, stand under where he is slowly descending and shoot up with Metal Blades. Ouch.
  • Air Man, though vulnerable to Wood, is easier to hit with the P-cannon. Until, that is, he jumps over to your side of the room. Nail him then.
  • To defeat the turret room without dying, you must NOT destroy any walls that you can get around any other way. Bring in fully charged Crash AND Item-1 AND Item-3. Your first target is the central turret, since it is the hardest to dodge. From there I usually move on to the bottom right, then upper right (again, order of difficulty of dodging). After that, the order should be obvious.
  • An insane cheat on the turrets: when the bullets are about to hit you, pause and unpause the game as fast as possible. Mega Man does not take damage while he is warping in or out.
  • To defeat the first Wily-form, use a fully charged Atomic Fire blast. Instant kill! (difficult mode takes another shot) Since charging up doesn't require aiming, you can spend your energy dodging the loopy bullets he is shooting at you.
  • The final Wily-form does insane amounts of damage to you if you come in contact with him. The bullets are nasty too. How do you deal with this? Dodge until you see how his pattern has unfolded. He (or rather, his illusionary apple-core) will fly around in a steep figure eight. The only difference is the points in the cycle in which he shoots. Which side of his figure eight does not involve getting shot at? Possibly you have the freedom to use both sides. Usually you only get one side. When you do attack, there are two ways to avoid touching him:
    1. You can line yourself up so that he will swing up rather than into you. This is hard, what with the flying starfield.
    2. You can attack him from the rear. This will keep you from getting to the other side quickly enough to attack him on both sides. However, I usually find this method the best.

Easter Egg: press the A button while selecting a level (the stars turn to birdies).

Let us not forget Mega Man 2 for the Nintendo Game Boy. Released by Capcom in 1992, this was Mega Man's second adventure on the portable gaming system. In this installment Dr. Wily has traveled back in time and brought eight of his past robot masters from Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 for the Nintendo Entertainment System to the present to destroy Mega Man. Naturally this gives Capcom a reason/excuse to reuse existing graphics and sounds, as the game plays much like its NES cousins with the exception that this Game Boy title "features" such a small screen space. The robot masters in the game include... There is also a new Dr. Wily robot creation: Quint, a humanoid robot that attacks with his Sakugarne (a pogo stick). Defeating Quint earns Mega Man the Sakugarne. In addition to the pogo stick Mega Man can call upon his robot dog, Rush, and use him as a springboard, submarine, or jetboard. These items are required in some parts of the game if you'd like to retrieve an energy boost or weapon refill. The first eight levels of the game take place in renditions of previously seen levels while the final three take place in Dr. Wily's fortress and a time warp. There's no need to worry about tackling the game in one sitting because the game supplies passwords after each level.

The game plays like a NES game in monochromatic format, albeit the control can be a little loose at times. The game was rereleased in the late 1990s, so copies of it should still be floating around in stores that still sell "plain" old Game Boy games. Aside from that you can pick up the 2004 anthology collection of Game Boy games ported to the Game Boy Advance, Mega Man Mania.

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