A DC Comics superhero.

Doctor Fate is the human incarnation of the Lord of Order, Nabu. The magical vestments of Dr. Fate's uniform give the bearer of said vestments incredible power.

These vestments include:

  • The Helm of Nabu
  • The Amulet of Anubis
  • The Cape of Fate

    Doctor Fate has been personified by several people over the years, but the most famous incarnation is probably that of Kent Nelson, who found the ancient and forgotten vestments on an archaelogical dig with his father when he was only twelve years old. He came upon the ancient sarcophagus holding Nabu, who had been in suspended animation for nearly five millenia.

    Upon opening the sarcophagus, a poisonous gas filled the tomb, killing Kent's father, while Kent himself was unharmed. Nabu, in gratitude for his release, transformed Kent into a full grown man, erased the knowledge of his father's death, and began to train Kent in the ways of magic and Order.

    Doctor Fate has played a pivotal role in many DC Comics adventures. He was a founding member of two incarnations of the Justice Society of America as well as a founding member of one of the incarnations of the Justice League of America, something that can't be said about most superheroes.

    His powers are immense, and as they are based upon magic, can even affect Superman. They include: flight, time travel, the ability to create objects such as force fields or shields, as well as the ability to summon creatures to his aid. He is blessed with near-invulnerablity, super-speed and -strength.

    Doctor Fate was originally created by Gardner Fox, and has been around since before World War II. He was one of the first superheroes I really liked, probably because the gleaming gold helmet he wears completely obscures his face, giving a real "mystery man" flavor to the character. He's also been drawn by a number of my favorite comic book artists, including George Perez.

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