Existing in only 2 dimensions. This in contrasted to 3D, which is a representation of 3 such dimensions.

A member of the virtual band, Gorillaz. He is the the soft-spoken, singing (not rapping) frontman with the purple hair and oddly shaped teeth. He does not literally exist beyond the cartoon world of Gorillaz, and in our boring, non-cartoony world, he is voiced by Blur-frontman Damon Albarn.

His virtual biography states that he got hit on the head twice during a car accident when young, which explains his vacant eyes and state of mind. His nickname is derived from the two bumps in his head from the accident. He was saved by Murdoc, fellow band-instigator, whom he is convinced he owes his life, even though Murdoc is even more abusive to him than the car was.

If you still don't know what I'm talking about, just watch the video for Clint Eastwood and listen for the "I'm not happy, I'm feeling glad" line. That's 2D.

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