Here is a place to put in mostly harmless E2 hacks and tricks.
updated: 2000.05.09.n2

(update #2: this doesn't matter anymore, since HTML entities are allowed in the chatterbox now)
Want to put less-than   <   and greater-than   >   signs into chatterbox? Surround the < signs with a tag. For example, to show:
          Don't overuse the <pre> tag.
          Don't [overuse] the <hello><<goodbye>pre> tag.

To enter [ and ] (square brackets) without forming a link, use &#91; and &#93; (actually, you can just type ], but using &#93; makes it easier to find links that aren't closed properly)

To show ] in the chatterbox, just type it normally; to show [ there, type this:   [[]   which will yield:   [

Link to the front page by making a link with a blank destination, like this. For example, the previous link was formed by [|this].

(update: using the Ignore Exact checkbox with the search box now makes this trick not needed) If you want to search for a word that is part of a phrase, but that word has already been noded, then simply search for that word plus some long random letters. For example, a search for N-Wing wouldn't show any nodes that have N-Wing in the title. However, searching for something like N-Wing fjdslkkfljdskajldksajflkdjsalkfjzsaljfdskaljfsda will display the nodes with N-Wing in the title.

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