Murdoc's biography

"That's Murdoc. He's not your normal professional killer."
MacGyver - "Widowmaker"

Murdoc (Michael Des Barres) was first introduced in the second season of MacGyver in the episode "Partners". There aren't many known facts about him (e.g. his full name), and he remained a mysterious character in all of his seven appearences.


Murdoc's first appearence was perhaps the best episode he was in. His history is shown as flashbacks; Murdoc was an international assassin, who was specialized in disguises (including masquerading as a woman) and building bombs. He would send photos of his victims at the moments of their deaths to the DXS. Pete and Mac had encountered Murdoc in 1980, and they thought he had died when he ran into a building just before it was demolished. Well, as we know, he didn't die. He waited 7 years for his revenge, and comes back with a few scars on his face and a scheme of locking Mac and Pete in a truck and blowing them up. However, it's Murdoc who's blown up when he drops a lit piece of dynamite in the truck cab.


This time with a few more scars on his face, Murdoc comes back with a vengeance and corners Mac and his co-worker Nikki on a mountain side. He ends up hanging from a cliff with MacGyver, trying to cut Mac's rope.

"MacGyver, your about to be disconnected." -Murdoc

In the end, Mac gets Murdoc to cut his own rope, and Murdoc dives from the mountain into his "death".

"Cleo Rocks":

After another miraculous recovery, Murdoc makes a comeback! A little over a year from the last time, he stages a rock musical "Cleo Rocks" (Michael Des Barres actually made the lyrics to the song), and arranges for Mac's good friend Penny Parker to star in it. In a wheelchair, with a metal plate in his leg, Murdoc poses a frenchman Jacques La Rue. His diabolic plan is to trap Pete and then make Mac choose between his own life and Pete's. The plan naturally failes. Murdoc is this time electrocuted, after which he falls into a fiery pool.

"Halloween Knights":

In this episode, a little bit more about Murdoc's history is revealed: He used to work for HIT, Homicide International Trust, a sort of a contract killer employment center. The leader of this organization, Nicholas Hellman, was Murdoc's mentor and taught him everything he knows. Murdoc is, however, trying to retire from HIT in halloween of 1989. Nicholas don't like this, so he kidnaps Murdoc's sister (who was separated from his brother so young she couldn't remember him), Ashton Cooke.

Murdoc makes a turnover and asks for Mac's help in order to save Ashton. Mac, being the good guy, naturally agrees. Murdoc doesn't fare much better in this incident. Instead of running with Mac and Ashton, he leaves himself behind and tosses a grenade at his mentor. Mac and Ashton, (who remained unenlightened about Murdoc's identity as her brother) believe he is dead. At the end Murdoc leaves Mac a message to announce his continued existence and delivers some information on HIT.

"Don't worry, MacGyver, you'll see me again. Just keep looking over your shoulder." -Murdoc


This one I have no recollection of, and I didn't find anything else about it than the fact that it's a dream episode and Murdoc appeares in it.

"Strictly Business":

In early 1991, Murdoc tries to get back into HIT. They agree to take him back if he kills MacGyver. Murdoc makes a hit on Mac, but pulls back at the last second, thinking that not killing him this time will even the scores. Murdoc then makes several attempts on finishing MacGyver, including blowing up his car and shooting at him. Murdoc finally dives to his own death, when a mine elevator pulls him down a shaft, into a river below. As usual, no body is found.


In the seventh and last season, Murdoc makes his final return. Mac still believes that Murdoc is alive, despite of what eveyone else are saying. As it happens, Murdoc is alive. He has teamed up with a South American dictator, Pablo Dellasauro. Pablo is trying to take over a small country with a missile, but Mac ruins his scheme. However, just before Murdoc gets around to shooting MacGvyer, the dictator orders Murdoc shot. Not being the easiest man to kill, Murdoc escapes in a jeep. He then tries to run over Mac, but drives off a cliff and his jeep explodes.

In the end, Murdoc gives Mac a call, laughs maniacally and hangs up.

A lot of credits goes to Black Cat's MacGyver & Murdoc page

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