It's Super Tuesday. Like the results are going to suprise anyone, however... after it's all over, we can look for Reasons to vote for George W. Bush and Reasons to Vote for Al Gore. (And even Reasons to vote for Pat Buchanan).

But we're going to find out What the American people want politics to be.

And the voting system debuted on Everything on this day! We currently have two radio buttons in the title bar of each writeup, with a little + and -, which is replaced with some really small "reputation" text after voting. You get experience points which determines your level (sound like a RPG to anyone else), deciding how many votes you get. Apparently XP started out equal to the number of writeups you have.... so I have quite a bit.

Looks like fun.

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Knew I had to be at work 1/2 hr early but didn't remember why until I got there. Mardi Gras. We threw candy and beads and toys and whistles and coins and tiaras to a hundred kids from wealthy families, some of whom cried and fought because they didn't get enough stuff. Then we marched em into the cafeteria where we gave them plates heaped with ridiculous amounts of salt and sugar-laden snacks. I said "they're cream puffs" a hundred times, and "move it" about a million. Before I was done serving kids I was hit with a wave of those who wanted seconds. as in, "when do we get seconds?" and "I WANT MORE!" Then we took them outside to whack pinatas which were filled with guess what, and guess who had to climb the tree to hang them. I got one thank-you from my favorite kid, and she was my favorite before this, but the thank-you, and the smile, and her offer to help, reassured me that she is my favorite for a good reason.

Oh, and some election thing seems to be happening. Wake me when a new guy's in charge.

2nd day as a non-datagirl. Hell desk training. Woman who i have to work with views me as competition. Me. Lil' me. Just a girl. Not a threat to anyone's career. It sucks. Why do women have to do that? Can't we all just do our jobs? Can't we all just be friends? Can't we all just get along?

Why o why do co-workers always have to be difficult?
The light is on, i have been noding for hours on the only phone line in this apartment. For the second night running, my "boyfriend" is snoring, sleeping in his clothes on my bed, feet away from me. I talk about him behind his back, and even when he's facing, blowing bubbles at me.
Today i was egregiously playing on E2 at work. I was captivated by real-time development, captivated by the audience. If i tried, i could hit 200 nodes tonight, but i overdid it last night. I resolve not to make landmark nodes; i want to add something worthwhile. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
My news recently: i just moved up a level (already! last night there weren't levels!). I am far too excited when someone cools my nodes (especially if it's dem bones, because in my mind i have cooled many of his). I have no one to tell these things to. I no longer am interested in cooking or eating or much else. I have lost all my mirth. I am starting to slouch and i'm not that tall to begin with. This is a funk. This is exciting. I am starting to remember how to write. This (place, people, idea, thing) is all that is interesting to me right now.

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