The light is on, i have been noding for hours on the only phone line in this apartment. For the second night running, my "boyfriend" is snoring, sleeping in his clothes on my bed, feet away from me. I talk about him behind his back, and even when he's facing, blowing bubbles at me.
Today i was egregiously playing on E2 at work. I was captivated by real-time development, captivated by the audience. If i tried, i could hit 200 nodes tonight, but i overdid it last night. I resolve not to make landmark nodes; i want to add something worthwhile. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
My news recently: i just moved up a level (already! last night there weren't levels!). I am far too excited when someone cools my nodes (especially if it's dem bones, because in my mind i have cooled many of his). I have no one to tell these things to. I no longer am interested in cooking or eating or much else. I have lost all my mirth. I am starting to slouch and i'm not that tall to begin with. This is a funk. This is exciting. I am starting to remember how to write. This (place, people, idea, thing) is all that is interesting to me right now.