In the fantasy novels of Rick Cook, a Cupertino programmer and friend of Wiz Zumwalt who follows him into the magical World and becomes a great wizard himself. Physically, he is a rather large, heavyset geek.

Jerry and Wiz were cubicle-mates at ZetaSoft, in Cupertino, until Wiz's mysterious disappearance (due to the Great Summoning cast by Patrius). Some time later, while working late one night, he was startled by a beautiful redhead appearing, seemingly out of nowhere, on his lap. She identified herself as Moira, telling him that Wiz needed help. Jerry decided to believe her story, and determined that a full programming team would be necessary to clean up Wiz's spell compiler system and turn it into production-quality code.

Jerry and Moira found the developers they needed at an SCA event, then transported them all back to the magical World, where they took up residence in an old cow barn at the Wizard's Keep (which they nicknamed the "Bull Pen"). Jerry assumed the position of project lead for the rewrite and enhancement of Wiz's spell compiler, soon dubbed "WIZ-DOS," as Wiz was unavailable (having been kidnapped by remnants of the Dark League and held captive in the City of Night at the time). Wiz, of course, was overjoyed to see Jerry after he was rescued, and decided to keep him on a long-term contract to help with future programming. Jerry became a well-known fixture around the Wizard's Keep, and was instrumental in both the destruction of the demon Bale-Zur and the effort to thwart Craig Scott and Mikey Baker in their attempt to take over the World.

Jerry had interests in unusual side projects, such as an APL compiler for creating spells and an "Energizer bunny" screen saver for his magical workstation. After Wiz was abducted by a dragon, Jerry helped locate him by creating a burst of magical energy that the Watchers could home in on. Once they had rescued Wiz from his duel against a dragon, Jerry met Wiz's "assistant," Malkin the thief; the two were so attracted to each other that Jerry brought her back to the Wizard's Keep with him. When an unknown entity stole Moira's body and surrounded the Keep with an impenetrable fog, Jerry suggested locating noted code demigod E.T. Tajikawa, and traveled to Comdex to find him and bring him back.

Jerry's email address at the Wizard's Keep was

Source: Rick Cook, The Wizardry Compiled, The Wizardry Cursed, The Wizardry Consulted, The Wizardry Quested

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