In the fantasy novels of Rick Cook, the domain name used by the programmer-wizards at the Wizard's Keep for their Internet connection, to receive email, Usenet news, surf the World Wide Web, and communicate via IRC.

The domain was actually registered (via Network Solutions, presumably) to Judith Conally, a former programmer in the magic World and later a fantasy author. She maintained a server which seemingly provided DNS and other services for that domain, but, in reality, there was a magical connection between the Keep and her telephone junction box, where the network connection crossed between worlds.

(In real life, the name "" is registered to somebody at Carnegie-Mellon University. Judging from the "whois" record, the domain was clearly registered by someone familiar with the Wizardry series, although appears to be the home page for something called the "K4W Foundation.")

Source: Rick Cook, The Wizardry Consulted

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