Fantasy novel by Rick Cook; second in the series beginning with Wizard's Bane. Wiz Zumwalt, ex-Cupertino programmer and now mighty wizard in a sword-and-sorcery world, must contend with the need to act as a leader in the Council of the North, the need to teach his new magic programming system to others, and the need to rewrite his spell compiler system. He also learns of incredibly destructive ends his spell compiler is being put to, as well as growing resentment of humans by the magical creatures of the World, which may culminate in war. Unfortunately, he is kidnapped by a remnant of the Dark League, and is trapped in the City of Night.

Wiz's wife, the hedge witch Moira, decides to find more help for her husband. She uses a Great Summoning to travel to Cupertino, where she finds Wiz's former cubicle-mate, Jerry Andrews, and, with his help, recruits a software development team (from a local SCA event) to help finish Wiz's half-complete magic compiler. The team quickly takes to magical programming, and produces a polished version of what they now call "WIZ-DOS." Wiz manages to effect his own rescue in time to help work on solutions to the problems of destructive magic and human encroachment on the domain of the magical creatures. Jerry and another young programmer, Danny Gavin, elect to stay as the rest of the team returns to California.

As with the earlier book in this series, programmers and other geeky types will find much to love in this volume. Highly recommended. (The Wizardry Compiled is now out of print, but may be found combined with the earlier book, Wizard's Bane, in the combined volume The Wiz Biz.

Source: Rick Cook, The Wizardry Compiled (Baen Books, 1990)

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