Fantasy novel by Rick Cook, fifth in the series beginning with Wizard's Bane. Wiz Zumwalt, programmer-wizard and former Cupertino resident now in a sword-and-sorcery World, takes some time off to attend the Winter Fair, of which his wife, Moira the hedge witch, has been named Queen. A strange magical force, however, disrupts the Fair, abducting Moira's body and transferring her personality into the young dragon Fluffy. Wiz sets off on a quest to the City of Night to find her, accompanied by Malkin the thief, Danny Gavin and his wife June, and Glandurg the dwarf.

Meanwhile, back at the Wizard's Keep, Jerry Andrews analyzes the strange magical fog that has descended, along with other strange happenings, and decides to seek the assistance of a programming god. The only one available, E.T. Tajikawa, is presently at Comdex, so Jerry, accompanied by the wizard Bal-Simba and Moira/Fluffy, use a Great Summoning to travel to Las Vegas to find him and bring him back.

Another great outing in the series, and anyone who has ever been to trade shows will love the Comdex references. Highly recommended, along with the rest of the series.

Source: Rick Cook, The Wizardry Quested (Baen Books, 1996)

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