I'm trying to loose the habit of silence.

I have written long stories before, written comments on various subjects, but these last few years I have only written short things, as in chat or in e-mails.

I love reading, but this stupid disease makes me loose track so often, forces me to go back over whatever it was and try to pick up the thread once more…


Maybe I should try giving up some of the medications, see if I get my concentration back.

I think I should node the habit of silence if it isn't done yet.
America is the whole continent, period

If "America" refers to the USA country only, or to the North American Continent, how to call the South American Continent? Is like if USA could be used to refers to the whole USA OR only to the State of New York. People from other States simply wouldn't accept it.

I can easely understand that is easier to say "America" instead of "the States" or "U.S.A" or "United States of America". But this is simply wrong.
Germans don't call Germany "Europe" (in fact they call it "Deutschland"), Sicilians don't call their island "Italy" (they call it "Sicilia"), people from the Republic of South Africa don't call their State "Africa" (they call it "South Africa") and citizen of the United States of Mexico call their State Mexico and call themselfs Mexicans.

Probably the problem is that "United States of America" is not a well conceived name for a country, and I can understand, after inventing names for 51 States it was difficult to invent a name representing them all, when the cohesion between them was not at all an evidence.

This is not the fault of US citizens. It's just a historical/cultural/language problem. As you probably know, most of Central and South America citizen feels Americans, they belong to the American Continent, and they're proud of it. When they call themself "Americans they think about the whole continent (it would be strange, for them, to feel Americans in the sense of US citizens no?), but they don't like at all that "America" and "American" means, for a very large part of the world (European citizens, like me, in primis) only the U.S.A and the US citizens. It is not fair.


I had the same problem. Hopefully a friend of mine, an American from Mexico, insisted on change my linguistic/cultural habit. Now in my head "America" refers to the whole continent, and "Americans" to its citizen. All of them.

for more see: America is not a country
for a more or less accurate discussion see wikipedia: http://en2.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_talk:Manual_of_Style_(US_vs_American)

The Thunderbird is back, $560 later. Gone, blender-like sometimes-starter. I carried the thing back to Pep Boys and they gave me a nice shiny new one to carry back to Brothers 3 to install. Damn, that is one heavy piece of equipment. About 9" long and about 4" in diameter and it must weigh about ten pounds. Now it fires up like a new car. Not so bad.

They also replaced two soft core plugs on the back of the engine block. Engine blocks are cast (mostly of iron, but more expensive or recent cars, of aluminum) and have hollow passages inside them, mostly for the water jacket that cools the engine, and also for oil. In order to cast such a shape, the hollows on the inside are filled with cores that have to be connected to the outside through these holes. When the engine is assembled, these holes are filled with soft-metal plugs. They're sometimes called 'freeze plugs' out of a mistaken idea that they're there to save the engine if the water inside freezes; generally, they won't do this. Well, after 30-something years, they can be working just a little loose and corroding a little, and mine were seeping water. Not good.

All the above set me back $160; making up the rest was a reconditioned radiator. Being an old design, it's hard to get a good-condition replacement, and it's a very large and wide radiator, so instead they 'recore' the radiator; this basically involves keeping the end tanks and replacing everything in between. This was needed because the old one was sporadically leaking. Sporadically is bad, because it means that the radiator's so clogged up that the stuff just shifts and plugs the holes. All that crud inside the radiator means it's not cooling all that well, either. Not much of the water's getting close to the metal to transfer heat. Not cooling all that well means, ultimately, ruining the engine and transmission -- especially the latter, and since I just got a new $1200 transmission done, not all that desirable.

Of course, taking an old car to the shop means adding a new list of recommended fixes. Front suspension fixes are up there; critical is a rubber bushing on the upper A-arm that's actually pretty much broken up and fallen off. That's a $100 fix and that's definitely on the list next time I'm there. Bad news is that the oil leak is largely coming from the intake manifold gasket being worn out, and replacing that is about $450, because of the amount of stuff they have to take off and put back. Oh well, I can just keep pouring oil in it for the short term. Also turns out I don't just have one broken-off manifold bolt, I have at least three, two on the passenger side and one on the driver's. Busted manifold bolts and lack of sealing there is just endemic in Ford FE-engined big block cars. That's about $300 to fix as much as they can fix without taking off the cylinder heads -- sometimes required to drill-out broken manifold bolts. So that's about $750-plus of engine fixes -- and that's before they take off the rocker covers and tell me more stuff needs done, I bet. I'm starting to wonder if an engine rebuild is a longer-term economy - about $2000-$2500 including removal and re-installation. That would cover both of the above repairs plus a lot more I'm sure the engine needs, and I'm sure it's cheaper than doing it piece-by-piece. Hopefully tax-refund time will help out there.

Still not reached that fateful 'Spent more on fixing it than I spent on buying it' point, but it's getting closer. Purchase price: $3500. Repair costs thus far: about $2500. Current value of the car: about $4000. Of course, that doesn't count the fun value, which has been immeasurable.

Emotions I Have Felt This Week


I just got a new job at Wal-Mart that pays more and is closer to my home.


I like my former job and they didn't want me to leave. Plus, Wal-Mart doesn't have as good of benefits, so I don't really wanna leave. The employees I have met so far are enthusiastic in a creepy sort of way too.


I can't sleep and all my bed sheets smell like cheap cologne.


My whole family decided to go to Florida without me, so now I have the whole house to myself. I'll just say it....I'm a man and I want my mommy!

My brain has decided to shut down this week. My creativity stunted, I have decided to watch TV in my underwear while eating Cheetos instead of making myself do something productive.

I will be going to have dinner with my girlfriend at her house for the FIRST TIME! Her mom is prone to mood swings, so pray to your gods/God for me.

For 1.4 years, I've been a Level 1 Initiate. In the next day, I expect that to change! I've finally contributed enough data to the pool of nodegel that I get to vote a few times a day! Cool!

This was spurred by something that's very confusing to me. I ended up with twenty five free votes some time ago out of nowhere. I've spent all but one. I'm hoping to use that last level 1 vote of mystery to vote something really good up. If some E2-overlord knows where those votes come from, please be aware that they have spurred me to contribute!

I suppose it's appropriate that I finally be motivated to write nodes now. This is a huge time in my life: Tomorrow I'm going to go see my doctor and he's going to tell me whether or not I have cancer. I must say, I am not overly excited, but tomorrow will definitely be a big day whether I want it to be or not. Thank $DIETY for health insurance. And chocolate. Especially godiva chocolates that I bought at 50% off in the after-holiday rush. It's actually about the right price if you can get it that discounted, otherwise it always leaves the aftertaste of expensive soup in my mouth.

I desperately want to write something in the MC Frontalot node, but I don't think I have anything worthwhile to contribute other than my own slobbering fanboyness. If you haven't heard his music, you owe it to yourself to check it out. I wonder if a node on the Valued Suckers Program, Front's cleverly-named group of donators would go over well. I'm still not experienced enough to know!

Wake up. No wait, work didn't call must have the day off, sleep longer.

Wake up now. Screw that, it's still single digits. Until that passes 10something, I'm asleep.

Wake up, please? Fine fine... yawn… what to do first. Shower. Screw that, too much work. Check E2. Look, it's still there, surprise (but is that irony?). And now my day of nothing begins.

I'm doing nothing. Wait, nothing could be something if I'm doing it. But if it's nothing I'm doing then I am not doing anything, it's a lack of something being done. Fine fine, I'll do something: Job search.

/call thirty school corps
And thus rejection sends me back to… wait, maybe that assistant athletic director position…
/call about position
And thus rejection sends me back to doing nothing. I could call a friend… a friend that's not working… but they are all working… ok call no one. Hmm… now I should, eat? Fine fine, mmmm cookies.

(insert phone ring) Holy shit! Someone's calling me! (insert friend's canceling only plans tonight) Well there's a normal day. (insert call waiting beep) Holy shit! Someone else is calling me! I'm Captain Popular all of a sudden. (insert new plans)

Aight, go to get gas, yes, mail bills, yes, go to friend's house, yes…

/play foosball
/eat dinner
/play more foosball

And now the day's over. Color me anti-productive. Guess I could write-up a daylog to get some perspective on how unproductive my days off are. I suppose the idea would be to have a goal of the next day off to be overly productive.
Go-go gadget human nature.

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