Wake up. No wait, work didn't call must have the day off, sleep longer.

Wake up now. Screw that, it's still single digits. Until that passes 10something, I'm asleep.

Wake up, please? Fine fine... yawn… what to do first. Shower. Screw that, too much work. Check E2. Look, it's still there, surprise (but is that irony?). And now my day of nothing begins.

I'm doing nothing. Wait, nothing could be something if I'm doing it. But if it's nothing I'm doing then I am not doing anything, it's a lack of something being done. Fine fine, I'll do something: Job search.

/call thirty school corps
And thus rejection sends me back to… wait, maybe that assistant athletic director position…
/call about position
And thus rejection sends me back to doing nothing. I could call a friend… a friend that's not working… but they are all working… ok call no one. Hmm… now I should, eat? Fine fine, mmmm cookies.

(insert phone ring) Holy shit! Someone's calling me! (insert friend's canceling only plans tonight) Well there's a normal day. (insert call waiting beep) Holy shit! Someone else is calling me! I'm Captain Popular all of a sudden. (insert new plans)

Aight, go to get gas, yes, mail bills, yes, go to friend's house, yes…

/play foosball
/eat dinner
/play more foosball

And now the day's over. Color me anti-productive. Guess I could write-up a daylog to get some perspective on how unproductive my days off are. I suppose the idea would be to have a goal of the next day off to be overly productive.
Go-go gadget human nature.