The KLF discography is extremely huge, considering they only had few major hits. Their backcatalogue consists of plenty of limited editions, remixes and unreleased records in addition to normal singles and albums. I'm here trying to present the most essential selection, the records that are most important for everyone who are interested in this group, but are not hardcore fans.

Selected discography AKA Essential The KLF

The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu - All You Need Is Love Single 1987
The JAMS - 1987 (What The Fuck Is Going On?) LP 1987 * had lots of illegal samples and had to be withdrawn from the shops

The JAMS - 1987 (The JAMS 45 edits) EP 1987 * free of illegal samples
The JAMS - Down Town Single 1987
The JAMS - Who Killed The JAMS? LP 1988
The KLF - Burn The Beat Single 1988
Disco 2000 - One Love Nation Single 1988
The Timelords - Doctorin' The Tardis Single 1988 * 18 singles released
The KLF - What Time is Love? (Pure Trance Original) Single 1988 * 5 singles released, one limited to 3 copies only
The JAMS - History of The JAMS AKA The Timelords (Compilation) LP 1988
The JAMS - Circa 1987: Shag Times (Compilation) 2xLP, CD 1989
The KLF - 3 A.M. Eternal (Pure Trance Original) Single 1989
The KLF - Kylie Said To Jason Single 1989 * 7 singles and promotional video
The KLF/Various Artists - The "What Time is Love" -story LP 1989 * covers of "What Time is Love?" by other bands
The KLF - Chill Out LP 1990 * reissued on CD in 1991, 1993
The KLF - Last Train To Trancentral (Pure Trance Original) Single 1990
Space - Space LP 1990
The KLF - What Time is Love? (Live at Trancentral) Single 1990/1991 * 40 singles released, including 2 VHS videos.
The KLF - Waiting (Video) 1990
The JAMS - It's Grim Up North Single 1990
The KLF - 3 A.M. Eternal (Live At The S.S.L) Single 1991 * 26 singles released, including one VHS video
The KLF - The White Room LP 1991
The KLF - Last Train To Trancentral (Live From the Lost Continent) Single 1991 * 25 singles released, including one VHS video
The KLF - Stadium House (The Trilogy) Video EP 1991
The KLF - America: What Time is Love? Single 1991 * 20 singles released
The JAMS - It's Grim Up North Single 1991 * re-release
The KLF - Justified And Ancient (Stand by The JAMS) Single 1991 * quest vocals on one track by Tammy Wynette, 25 releases including 2 VHS videos
The KLF - Rites of MU Video 1992
The KLF with Extreme Noise Terror - 3 A.M. Eternal Single 1992 * LTD edition single only available through mail order. last official release.
The KLF - This is what the KLF is About I CD 1992 * 3 cd singles - What Time is Love, 3 A.M. Eternal, Last Train to Trancentral
The KLF - This is what The KLF is About II CD 1992 * 3 cd singles - Justified And Ancient, America: What Time Is Love, It's Grip Up North
Jeremy Deller Presents 2K - ***K the Millennium (Produced by the Artists forever known as THE JUSTIFIED AND ANCIENTS OF MU MU) Single 1997

Most of these releases were released on their own label, The KLF Communications.

Take note: When counting the amount of releases, the count includes remix ep's as well as licensed releases to other labels.
Also, I've listed official releases only, not promos or planned releases.

Discography sources: various online discographies, my record shelf

Messrs. Drummond and Cauty are apparently both a bit weird, very talented and has a good sense for dramatics. They built their own pseudo-mythology around them, based on stuff like The Illuminatus! Trilogy, the legends of Mu and Atlantis, and pagan mythology. This is very evident in the video for Justified and Ancient, where they are dressed up in red robes, wear enormous horns on their foreheads and messages like The fall of the Empire and the death of Little Mu are imminent flash across the screen.

In the summer of 1991 the pair staged summer solstice celebration on the island of Jura. Hand-picked journalists were invited and flown by helicopter to the island, stripped of their equipment and dressed in yellow robes. During the ceremony, a giant wicker man was burned in the old-fashioned way and there was a lot of chanting. The whole event was filmed and released in 1992 as a documentary named The KLF: The Rites of Mu.

That was not their first trip to Jura, however. In 1990 they had shot a 42 minutes long film called Waiting there. True to its name, the film shows Bill and Jimmy walking around and waiting for the director of their upcoming movie The White Room to arrive. The story of that film is a strange one in itself; it was supposed to be a road movie, but the shooting was marred by a series of disasters and the end result was a 50 minute film that has only shown in public once.

Then there's the time when they (as The K Foundation) burnt a million pounds in an abandoned boathouse, also on Jura. The event took about an hour and was witnessed by freelance journalist Jim Reid. It was filmed and released as Watch the K Foundation Burn a Million Quid in 1995, though I've heard that the sound quality of the film is awful.

So why'd they do all this? To hype themselves? Or did they have something else in mind? I think they both believed in everything they did and was trying to convey the message that imagination and belief are too important to ignore. Or maybe they just enjoyed creating their own mythological pantheon. Or maybe they just enjoyed confusing people. The fact that they burned their whole musical back catalogue when they quit as The KLF speaks against the theory that they were only in it for the money, however.

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