1. 1992 Sue Townsend novel in which a new British government is elected and abolishes the monarchy, forcing the Royal Family to move into council estates (housing projects to USAns) in Leicester. The book details the way that the various royals deal with this (down to arguments over whether former-Queen Elizabeth II's surname is her family name Windsor or her husband's name Mountbatten). The whole idea was probably inspired by a throwaway comment in Townsend's earlier Adrian Mole books, where a Socialist watching Prince Charles' wedding remarks that we ought to put them all in council houses.

2. Track on the JAMs/the KLF's album 1987 which sampled quite a lot of ABBA's "Dancing Queen" (without getting permission) but added raps and duck-quacking-like sound effects. ABBA filed a complaint alleging that the samples were a copyright infringement. So in August 1987, the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society ordered the JAMS to destroy the copies that were left of the whole album. Later the group came out with a version of the LP with the samples removed, but with instructions included on how to recreate the original. (Bootlegs of the original are also available.)

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