For 1.4 years, I've been a Level 1 Initiate. In the next day, I expect that to change! I've finally contributed enough data to the pool of nodegel that I get to vote a few times a day! Cool!

This was spurred by something that's very confusing to me. I ended up with twenty five free votes some time ago out of nowhere. I've spent all but one. I'm hoping to use that last level 1 vote of mystery to vote something really good up. If some E2-overlord knows where those votes come from, please be aware that they have spurred me to contribute!

I suppose it's appropriate that I finally be motivated to write nodes now. This is a huge time in my life: Tomorrow I'm going to go see my doctor and he's going to tell me whether or not I have cancer. I must say, I am not overly excited, but tomorrow will definitely be a big day whether I want it to be or not. Thank $DIETY for health insurance. And chocolate. Especially godiva chocolates that I bought at 50% off in the after-holiday rush. It's actually about the right price if you can get it that discounted, otherwise it always leaves the aftertaste of expensive soup in my mouth.

I desperately want to write something in the MC Frontalot node, but I don't think I have anything worthwhile to contribute other than my own slobbering fanboyness. If you haven't heard his music, you owe it to yourself to check it out. I wonder if a node on the Valued Suckers Program, Front's cleverly-named group of donators would go over well. I'm still not experienced enough to know!