Emotions I Have Felt This Week


I just got a new job at Wal-Mart that pays more and is closer to my home.


I like my former job and they didn't want me to leave. Plus, Wal-Mart doesn't have as good of benefits, so I don't really wanna leave. The employees I have met so far are enthusiastic in a creepy sort of way too.


I can't sleep and all my bed sheets smell like cheap cologne.


My whole family decided to go to Florida without me, so now I have the whole house to myself. I'll just say it....I'm a man and I want my mommy!

My brain has decided to shut down this week. My creativity stunted, I have decided to watch TV in my underwear while eating Cheetos instead of making myself do something productive.

I will be going to have dinner with my girlfriend at her house for the FIRST TIME! Her mom is prone to mood swings, so pray to your gods/God for me.