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History for January 16:

1865 - San Francisco Dramatic Chronicle started (now the San Francisco Chronicle.)
1887 - San Francisco's Cliff House badly damaged when a cargo of gunpowder on the schooner "Parallel" explodes nearby.
1920 - 18th Amendment, prohibition, goes into effect; repealed in 1933.
1956 - Egyptian President Nassar pledges to reconquer Palestine.
1978 - Russians' Soyuz 27 returns to Earth.

1909 - Ethal Merman, Comedienne/Actress/Singer
1911 - Dizzy Dean, baseball player
1924 - Katy Jurado in Mexico
1934 - Marilyn Horne in Pennsylvania

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In addition to the above, these (and other) things also happened on January 16:

And these people were also born:

15 16 17

After noding the above information, I found it getting a low reputation. I voted up some of GreySoul's World History Calendar nodes, and found that they were similarly ill-credited. This is my only such writeup, but GreySoul's has spent a great amount of work on the World History Calendar nodes and deserves more credit, so come on people. Enough said.

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