After having one-hit wonders with Timex Social Club and Club Nouveau, producers Denzil Foster and Thomas McElroy scored third time out with a group inspired by platinum gals Expose. Their debut Born To Sing (1990) yielded three No.1s on the US R&B chart, one of which- 'Hold On'- became an international success.

Although charts were swamped with similar 'New Jill Swing' acts, En Vogue set fresh standards with the triple-platinum Curtis Mayfield-flavoured Funky Divas (1992), duetted with Salt-N-Pepa on the fabulous 'Whatta Man' an acrimoniously supported Luther Vandross. During split rumours, they temporarily disbanded (hence Terry Ellis' 1995 solo Southern Gal), but returned in style with 1997's transatlantic chart limpet 'Don't Let It Go (Love)'. Dawn Robinson departed (reappearing with Rap supergroup The Firm) and the remaining trio released EV3 (1997).


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