September 1, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Hear dem bones, of the adventures, trials, and typo messages of your (unpaid) servants.

So far, just some typo msgs, deleted a few node shells.

I will look at nuke requests later.


  • Annoyance Metanode by dragoon. By request.
  • 2C-t-2 and dextromorphan hydrobromide by fled user root_dev_X, who has also been nuked. At suggestion of SlightlyMadman.
  • Babu by mikl-em
  • too long of a title by perdedor. By request.
  • User Xorro and single wu Xorro by consent of the troll.
  • Paul Oakenfold gets more pussy than a porn star by core. At -7, requested by several users.
  • strcmp by wharfinger. Just a sample of C to help out another user. Good work, wharf. As requested.
  • Are the gospels reliable? by purpusful. As requested.
  • How to win bets and make enemies with a simple card trick by JustSomeGuy. As requested.
  • USAir Shuttle by Modnar. As requested.
  • Vitamin J by ginseng; Vitamin T by deesvito;Vitamin F by Autonomous Coward and dr worm;Vitamin N bingeldac. Silly disinformation. Suggested by alex.tan.
  • A pile of nodeshells as requested by dizzy and Dhirecean.
  • 10,000 things to do with all that skin lying around the house by Mars the Infomage. It was at -9.
  • The Whimper of Whipped Dogs; Repent, Harlequin! Said the Tick-Tock Man; I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream by Democritus, a fled user. Suggested by sleeping wolf.
  • Michael Foucault by mat catastrophe. As requested (had filled a node shell that misspelled the name).
  • group sex by St.Fudd was reported as a broken node by mcc. As well as the misspelling of "people" there were numerous other problems, all for a node that basically said geeks never have sex. So I nuked it.
  • two blank nodes by liha. As requested.
  • how Pac-Man and Mrs Pac-Man have sex; Any Fortune Cookie is better if you add the words "In Bed" to the end; Do you have a boyfriend?; incest; The Evolution of Cheerios; What to name a portscanner?; reality hacker; Canada; R17 all by anotherone. Early nodes, now repulsive to user.
  • Porter College by dylord. Fled user. Things there are "sortly long lasting." ??
  • nodeshells, nodeshells, nodeshells, nodeshells.
  • Mothra by pi-meister. Two half-sentences from Nov.13, 1999.
  • Rhys Fulber by Kerosene. Linkless, pointless, Nov. 13, 1999.
  • Philadelphia Enquirer)a nodeshell filled by --OutpostMir--. Nuked by consent.
And title edits. Don't ask. 20? 30?

Killed: festung's writeup under or. It was some kind of weird math thing that didn't appear to illustrate anything about "or", really.

Killed: stuffthings' writeup in IF. It said: "If chickens are so smart, why are they always stabbing themselves with forks when they could use non-lethal chicken stunning mallets?" Grrrreat. Thanks for nothing.

Killed: stuffthings' and FuzzyDice's writeups in Eric. Some garbage about Erics they knew...

Killed: Well, I went pickin' on stuffthings. I also killed his writeups in renster, k6-2, and fsu for being generally useless and/or masturbatory.

Killed: clockwork's writeup in drums. A "See X" writeup. They're like cockroaches...

Killed: stirfry's and gotmilk's writeups in swing. Had almost nothing to do with swing and almost everything to do with girls on the Lower East Side.

Considered picking on stuffthings some more, but I got tired and decided to eat Pop-Tarts instead.

With characteristically epileptic grace, I performed the Editorial Dance of Death1 on the pointy little heads of the following nogoodniks:

  • strfry by morandd, never logged in.

    "One of my personal favorite library functions.", no links. Other users were kind enough to provide informative writeups, and those will have to suffice.

  • Nemesis by Excession

    Known as Excession in Slashdot parts."


  • Finished weeding the collected works of coldguy (never logged in). Killed the following:
    • lacking

      "Missing, would be better with." I'd prefer more clarity, and Webster has that.

    • instructions

      "Check the FAQ, or RTFM." Ditto.

1 A sort of energetic soft shoe, but with cleats.
  • lived by EVuL_C: More "past tense" dross.

  • Mr Bungle by EVuL_C: "See Mr. Bungle". Great band, piss-poor node.

  • slashdotters guide to the galaxy by catbutt: "42".

    Har, har, har. I know catbutt must be proud of such comic genius, but writeups this funny just aren't healthy for noders. I wouldn't want anyone having a heart attack as they roll around on the ground laughing.

  • Harvard's hockey team by Uberfetus:

    This so-called "noder" has been making nothing but terribly written, throwaway nodes for months now, such as this lame Harvard slam. Sometimes I wish I could charge a user 20 XP for a kill instead of the standard 5. Hopefully the gods will soon nuke Uberfetus for being the hateful troll that he is.

  • Delbert by PipTigger: "Delbert is the correct pronunciation of Philip according to my cousin, EmzEmz."

    Oh, really? Is EmzEmz the correct spelling of "James"?

  • anonymnity by jsmith:

    "damn it!!!!
    how do you erase typo'd ideas...

    Help is on the way, my Nov. 13 friend! You do it just like THIS...

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