September 3, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Hear dem bones, of the exploits of thy servants.

At this point, I have just been /msging typos and fixing random titles and Webster entries.

The Crypt yawns its maw wide.

Flung therein (at no XP loss):

  • A Thousand and One Arabian Nights by everyone. Pointless.
  • irony by fled user Woopangs. Pointless, linkless, random spelling.
  • SUPERMAN DAM FOOL by holliman. Nov. 13, 1999. Linkless node about some graffiti.
  • LOTD by BenB. December, 1999. Linkless.
  • There is no spoon by Codger and kzinti. Why? There were no links, no point, no humour in these Nov. 13, 1999 nodes. Nothing but letters assembled into a macabre pretence at communication.
  • SuSE by Sync. Typos, out of factual date, and by a defunct user. Suggested by simonc.
  • Millenium by Gorgonzola. As requested.
  • avoid this node by wish23x and LordCrank. As requested by wish23x.
  • shoplifting; car chase; stupid fresh;Steve Case sent me spam!; Backdoor Boys; Rachel Joy Scott; the infamous wrist floppies all by hramyaegr. As requested.
  • what do you hear in the silence? by Pseudomancer. Blank writeup. I got it. Better for me to nuke it than for an editor to kill it.
  • Have you ever fancied another noder just by reading their home node? by StrawberryFrog. At -5 before it hit the bottom of New Writeups.
  • americans saying cunt by dr worm. Nov. 13, 1999. Gibberish.
  • 144 by ohe. Irrelevant.
  • Dumbest questions you've ever been asked by why. Linkless, erratic spelling.
  • Inspector Blooper by Scam. Nov. 13, 1999. Probably not funny then either.
  • the boat woman at the river styx by hillock123.
  • bouncing tiggers by rabidcow.
I've been fixing more Random Websters, putting links and fixing spelling in worthwhile Nov. 13, 1999 nodes.

Further nukes:

  • The Meters by markf. A "see ___" node.
  • big butts by Gorgonzola. He, ah, typed it into the wrong node.
  • i'd like to thank... by cethiesus.
  • He who's name must not be said by ShogNet

I skun 'em:

  • shouls by JupiterX (never logged in)

    "A mistyped form of 'should.' See cubism." Whack! The nodeshell is gone as well.

  • 100 by JupiterX (never logged in)


  • 100 by Otto42 (last sighted June 14, 2000)


  • 7.62x39mm by sOEMA

    "see: small penis, insecure white male."

    The only thing worse than a mindless one-line "nyah, nyah!" writeup is a "see foo" writeup. This was both, and it could have been a minor masterpiece of uselessness, except that it lost points by having hardlinks.

  • garibaldi by Japala

    Babble dependent on missing context, presumably about a friend of the author. I'm assuming that it's not about the eponymous irredentist, because that one didn't like Disney cartoons. The author has no other writeups and is long gone, so s/he can be . . . eliminated.

  • 64 bit addressing by KrAphtd1nN3r (never logged in)

    He, she, or it wants an Alpha processor and can't spell "drool". No other attempt at "content" can be detected with the instruments I've got at my disposal. I'm not sure how to interpret the name, but I'm going with "Crap-Tender" as a first approximation. Imagine going through life with a name like Crap-Tender. It would drive anybody mad. You'd start noding garbage too.

The remaining writeup in 100 is even worse, but the noder's still around so I /msg'd him.

Can someone remove Is your refridgerator running?; it's a nodeshell, misspelled.

Crap-Tender's excellent crapet writeup (I checked, he's not making it up) needs hardlinks; could somebody with Scary Powers add some? I'd hate to see it get axed.

Parking by Braile needs a new title from somebody who can spell "Braille".

check back on these kissing your sister leak is it just me, or is there a gap in the line between writeups? How many gigs of MP3s do you have? collection of nodes that when traversed will eventually take you back to the first node crackhead midget monkey comparing UNIX to DOS

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