September 3, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Hear dem bones, of the exploits of thy servants.

At this point, I have just been /msging typos and fixing random titles and Webster entries.

The Crypt yawns its maw wide.

Flung therein (at no XP loss):

  • A Thousand and One Arabian Nights by everyone. Pointless.
  • irony by fled user Woopangs. Pointless, linkless, random spelling.
  • SUPERMAN DAM FOOL by holliman. Nov. 13, 1999. Linkless node about some graffiti.
  • LOTD by BenB. December, 1999. Linkless.
  • There is no spoon by Codger and kzinti. Why? There were no links, no point, no humour in these Nov. 13, 1999 nodes. Nothing but letters assembled into a macabre pretence at communication.
  • SuSE by Sync. Typos, out of factual date, and by a defunct user. Suggested by simonc.
  • Millenium by Gorgonzola. As requested.
  • avoid this node by wish23x and LordCrank. As requested by wish23x.
  • shoplifting; car chase; stupid fresh;Steve Case sent me spam!; Backdoor Boys; Rachel Joy Scott; the infamous wrist floppies all by hramyaegr. As requested.
  • what do you hear in the silence? by Pseudomancer. Blank writeup. I got it. Better for me to nuke it than for an editor to kill it.
  • Have you ever fancied another noder just by reading their home node? by StrawberryFrog. At -5 before it hit the bottom of New Writeups.
  • americans saying cunt by dr worm. Nov. 13, 1999. Gibberish.
  • 144 by ohe. Irrelevant.
  • Dumbest questions you've ever been asked by why. Linkless, erratic spelling.
  • Inspector Blooper by Scam. Nov. 13, 1999. Probably not funny then either.
  • the boat woman at the river styx by hillock123.
  • bouncing tiggers by rabidcow.
I've been fixing more Random Websters, putting links and fixing spelling in worthwhile Nov. 13, 1999 nodes.

Further nukes:

  • The Meters by markf. A "see ___" node.
  • big butts by Gorgonzola. He, ah, typed it into the wrong node.
  • i'd like to thank... by cethiesus.
  • He who's name must not be said by ShogNet