Killed: festung's writeup under or. It was some kind of weird math thing that didn't appear to illustrate anything about "or", really.

Killed: stuffthings' writeup in IF. It said: "If chickens are so smart, why are they always stabbing themselves with forks when they could use non-lethal chicken stunning mallets?" Grrrreat. Thanks for nothing.

Killed: stuffthings' and FuzzyDice's writeups in Eric. Some garbage about Erics they knew...

Killed: Well, I went pickin' on stuffthings. I also killed his writeups in renster, k6-2, and fsu for being generally useless and/or masturbatory.

Killed: clockwork's writeup in drums. A "See X" writeup. They're like cockroaches...

Killed: stirfry's and gotmilk's writeups in swing. Had almost nothing to do with swing and almost everything to do with girls on the Lower East Side.

Considered picking on stuffthings some more, but I got tired and decided to eat Pop-Tarts instead.