• lived by EVuL_C: More "past tense" dross.

  • Mr Bungle by EVuL_C: "See Mr. Bungle". Great band, piss-poor node.

  • slashdotters guide to the galaxy by catbutt: "42".

    Har, har, har. I know catbutt must be proud of such comic genius, but writeups this funny just aren't healthy for noders. I wouldn't want anyone having a heart attack as they roll around on the ground laughing.

  • Harvard's hockey team by Uberfetus:

    This so-called "noder" has been making nothing but terribly written, throwaway nodes for months now, such as this lame Harvard slam. Sometimes I wish I could charge a user 20 XP for a kill instead of the standard 5. Hopefully the gods will soon nuke Uberfetus for being the hateful troll that he is.

  • Delbert by PipTigger: "Delbert is the correct pronunciation of Philip according to my cousin, EmzEmz."

    Oh, really? Is EmzEmz the correct spelling of "James"?

  • anonymnity by jsmith:

    "damn it!!!!
    how do you erase typo'd ideas...

    Help is on the way, my Nov. 13 friend! You do it just like THIS...