October 6, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones, the nodegel teems with activity.

As nodes are extruded into New Writeups there are already many jostling for the next entry. This is good.

Nonetheless there are also too many trolls trawling the gel for innocent users. This is not good.They leave dark stains in the gel and cloud the hearts of noders with sadness.

Your minions have been diligent in preventing damage to the gel. Our dorsal eyestalks rotate this way and that, our breathing pores sort through the pheromenes in the trails left in the wake of users, our toxin sacs are swollen and charged, our thorned tails are fully extended. Such diligence comes at a cost. It can seriously deplete the energy available for caring for the noders who are being protected. But we do what we can. Locking the anonymous accounts for a time is thus a wise and beneficent action on your part.

(Bones left a "note" in both the "everybody" and "everyone" accounts so users can just msg him if they want to use them for constructive purposes.)

There have also been multiple instances of multiple submissions of identical nodes. But the nodegel heals swiftly after their deletion. Is it reasonable to always explain this away as being due to IE 5.x? Or are there more sinister forces at work? Or is it merely that some noders are particularly eager to expel their nodes and are stumbitting with great vehemence?

The freegel is particularly clear this morning. The irridesence on the sides of the nodes, the mutliple hues of the dangling writeups are breathtaking in their beauty.

The Crypt resolves into freegel:

  • Berkley by fled user bs. A Nov. 13, 1999 explanation that this not how to spell Berkeley. Suggested by hramyaegr.
  • By Geez, by request:
  • Losing experience by Luo45. At -5 and for leading poor Geez into the paths of the dark nodes.
  • I hate your hair by Tauress, by request.
  • Why computers crash. By Dr. suess by Strawberry milk, by request.
  • A word with Chester by Dast. Obscure Nov. 13, 1999 node. Suggested by hramyaegr.
  • Origional Broadway Cast Recording by Benabik, by request.
Benabik complained the he lost ten XP through punch thyself!!. I blessed him with 10. However, might I point out that violence never solves anything. If you punch someone in the face, you punch yourself in your humanity. Really, people. What did you think was going to happen?


Killed nookie by the never-logged-in Day Of Ire. Total contents: "See sex". That's what soft links are for.

Returned How many pictures is one word worth? by , back to the gel. Said: "A word is worth 1/1000 pictures." Yawn!

A noder pointed out that ancient greece by stargazer11 was "idiotic". I read it and had to agree. It's there no more.

In many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse , tells us he does not know any cheerful facts about the subject. Zap!

Pudding Shit by RWConspiracy could only be described as gratuitous grossness. Since this is a brand new noder, I gave it a principiis obsta.

Writeups Liberated. We Had to Burn the Village to Save the Village.

identity element by TMA. "Not to be confused with identity element." I can almost see it being clever, but we've got enough recursive nodes as is - and they didn't explain the humor either. That's not nice if you're the first writeup.
daughter by prwood. Old E1 definition by a fled user.
Fucking Heaven by Jim71. A writeup of two sentences, by a fled user, that added nothing except for his musical tastes. Hopefully it won't corrupt newbies now.
krank by shizkbob. "There is only ONE thing to say about the word 'krank', and that is ANVIL !! Osf." Inane, unlinked, and the noder's only writeup. I /msged him, but I doubt he'll be back.
out by scottj. Old, fled.
colon by scottj. I dislike "See also" writeups - while I realize some things have multiple names, at least provide a short description before saying "See also".
grave by scottj and gunga-din. E1 writeups overcome by Webster's might.
editors by scottj and dattaway. E1 writeups, and plural. I note that editor could use a good explanation of the abilities and use of an editor - dem bones' is poetic, but more information is always nice.
http://insane.com by scottj. The entire content was a wish to be able to link. Misses the point in so many ways. As an aside, I think the best and only real way to node websites is by the major title, with URL in the writeup. Even beyond that, there's no reason to put http:// in.
Training by scottj. Noding what he doesn't know, and the editors get to clean up after every exclamation of ignorance.
Human Occupied Landfill by scottj. Another "See also" that was just unnecessary.
http://www.oclc.org by gaboon. Another highly unnecessary node, especially considering a) it only contained the address of the site and a link and b) the site's address is noded under its title. Sigh.

Gods - Titles to Edit? Please?

cock cocktails to cock cocktail. Pedantry strikes again!

Gods - Nodeshells to Remove

mat_catastrophe sucks Proudhon's rotten cock for fun
y0, why don't you shut the fuck up?
Political noding loses its appeal with no one to call you an illiterate liberal fuckoff

You know, we on the Team also get questions which cry out for answers...

Q: You got a girl on your team? Is she hot? Will she do it with me?
A: In order--Yes, Yes, and No, whizkid. Stop asking.

Q: Seriously, bones does drugs? Could he score me some weed?
A: Bones smokes Columbian nodegel, which is why he is currently so virile and so cleanly shaven. Nodegel is free; just stick your face against your computer screen and start snorting. (You wanna really get fucked up? Try freebasing nodegel--it's made thefez the man/ostrich/toaster/boom-shaka-laka-baby he is today.)

Q: You nuked my writeup! Fucker! I'll kill you, you goddamn bastard! I'LL KILL YOU!
A: Hi, mom. Nice to hear from you again. How's dad doing?


Bestowed blessings upon: ThePope, for his Academy Award writeups. Hope he keeps it up, too!

Complicated Stuff: moved my writeup in George Armstrong Custer to another node called George Armstrong Custer. Then killed my original writeup and nuked the duplicate node.

Zapped Nodeshells: Well, I kakked several, but I didn't write 'em down when I did it, so I can't even remember who they were about now. I'd look in the Crypt, but I'm so fat and lazy...

Killed: Jet-Poop's writeup in Hallowe'en. It was fine, but I wanted to do a little re-writing on it and re-submit it later under Halloween.

Killed: Jet-Poop's writeup in Who are your ten favorite noders? I was getting frustrated at my inability to get all my favorite noders narrowed down into a list of ten and decided it would be better for me not to slight anyone...

Killed: lakeid's writeup in monterey jack. It read: "A type of cheese which tastes and looks similar to mozzarella". Not so. Even if it was, not enough.

Msg's sent: to Michalak, concerning one of his writeups which appears in a user search of his name, but does not appear at all in the node which it is supposed to be a part of. Very mysterious. We'll see if resubmitting the writeup will fix the problem...

Deleted User: RedLeader. Crashed into the Death Star, no doubt...

Killed: Descender's writeup in Williams Lake. It had no real info and didn't even tell us where the place was located. The second writeup far exceeded it.

Killed: writeups by Descender and Hyperi0n in WLSS. The first was too short and gruesomely misspelled; the second was a "See Also" writeup. Also deleted the nodeshell.
O dem bones, I sing of arms and the man... no, wait, that's not right.

I sing of Wimp, weary of battle,
Bringer of war to butterball turkeys,
Sower of discord in dangerous deeps.

No, sorry, that's Beowulf.

Anyway, I nuked an 11/13/99 wimp writeup today because it should have been filed under wuss. "n: half wimp; half puss. see wussy" -- as Team Jet-Poop said, Not so. Even if it was, not enough.

Speaking of Beowulf, hardcorekitty's cut-and-paste from US News and World Report about the new Seamus Heaney translation has been liberated. As it rejoined the primordial freegel, it was heard to say "It is a far, far better place I go..." before being propelled with lusty kicks, as was Candide, into the freegel for continued plagiarism. Thanks, he who cannot say his own name, for the tip.

Writeups killed:

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