O dem bones, I sing of arms and the man... no, wait, that's not right.

I sing of Wimp, weary of battle,
Bringer of war to butterball turkeys,
Sower of discord in dangerous deeps.

No, sorry, that's Beowulf.

Anyway, I nuked an 11/13/99 wimp writeup today because it should have been filed under wuss. "n: half wimp; half puss. see wussy" -- as Team Jet-Poop said, Not so. Even if it was, not enough.

Speaking of Beowulf, hardcorekitty's cut-and-paste from US News and World Report about the new Seamus Heaney translation has been liberated. As it rejoined the primordial freegel, it was heard to say "It is a far, far better place I go..." before being propelled with lusty kicks, as was Candide, into the freegel for continued plagiarism. Thanks, he who cannot say his own name, for the tip.