You know, we on the Team also get questions which cry out for answers...

Q: You got a girl on your team? Is she hot? Will she do it with me?
A: In order--Yes, Yes, and No, whizkid. Stop asking.

Q: Seriously, bones does drugs? Could he score me some weed?
A: Bones smokes Columbian nodegel, which is why he is currently so virile and so cleanly shaven. Nodegel is free; just stick your face against your computer screen and start snorting. (You wanna really get fucked up? Try freebasing nodegel--it's made thefez the man/ostrich/toaster/boom-shaka-laka-baby he is today.)

Q: You nuked my writeup! Fucker! I'll kill you, you goddamn bastard! I'LL KILL YOU!
A: Hi, mom. Nice to hear from you again. How's dad doing?


Bestowed blessings upon: ThePope, for his Academy Award writeups. Hope he keeps it up, too!

Complicated Stuff: moved my writeup in George Armstrong Custer to another node called George Armstrong Custer. Then killed my original writeup and nuked the duplicate node.

Zapped Nodeshells: Well, I kakked several, but I didn't write 'em down when I did it, so I can't even remember who they were about now. I'd look in the Crypt, but I'm so fat and lazy...

Killed: Jet-Poop's writeup in Hallowe'en. It was fine, but I wanted to do a little re-writing on it and re-submit it later under Halloween.

Killed: Jet-Poop's writeup in Who are your ten favorite noders? I was getting frustrated at my inability to get all my favorite noders narrowed down into a list of ten and decided it would be better for me not to slight anyone...

Killed: lakeid's writeup in monterey jack. It read: "A type of cheese which tastes and looks similar to mozzarella". Not so. Even if it was, not enough.

Msg's sent: to Michalak, concerning one of his writeups which appears in a user search of his name, but does not appear at all in the node which it is supposed to be a part of. Very mysterious. We'll see if resubmitting the writeup will fix the problem...

Deleted User: RedLeader. Crashed into the Death Star, no doubt...

Killed: Descender's writeup in Williams Lake. It had no real info and didn't even tell us where the place was located. The second writeup far exceeded it.

Killed: writeups by Descender and Hyperi0n in WLSS. The first was too short and gruesomely misspelled; the second was a "See Also" writeup. Also deleted the nodeshell.