Writeups Liberated. We Had to Burn the Village to Save the Village.

identity element by TMA. "Not to be confused with identity element." I can almost see it being clever, but we've got enough recursive nodes as is - and they didn't explain the humor either. That's not nice if you're the first writeup.
daughter by prwood. Old E1 definition by a fled user.
Fucking Heaven by Jim71. A writeup of two sentences, by a fled user, that added nothing except for his musical tastes. Hopefully it won't corrupt newbies now.
krank by shizkbob. "There is only ONE thing to say about the word 'krank', and that is ANVIL !! Osf." Inane, unlinked, and the noder's only writeup. I /msged him, but I doubt he'll be back.
out by scottj. Old, fled.
colon by scottj. I dislike "See also" writeups - while I realize some things have multiple names, at least provide a short description before saying "See also".
grave by scottj and gunga-din. E1 writeups overcome by Webster's might.
editors by scottj and dattaway. E1 writeups, and plural. I note that editor could use a good explanation of the abilities and use of an editor - dem bones' is poetic, but more information is always nice.
http://insane.com by scottj. The entire content was a wish to be able to link. Misses the point in so many ways. As an aside, I think the best and only real way to node websites is by the major title, with URL in the writeup. Even beyond that, there's no reason to put http:// in.
Training by scottj. Noding what he doesn't know, and the editors get to clean up after every exclamation of ignorance.
Human Occupied Landfill by scottj. Another "See also" that was just unnecessary.
http://www.oclc.org by gaboon. Another highly unnecessary node, especially considering a) it only contained the address of the site and a link and b) the site's address is noded under its title. Sigh.

Gods - Titles to Edit? Please?

cock cocktails to cock cocktail. Pedantry strikes again!

Gods - Nodeshells to Remove

mat_catastrophe sucks Proudhon's rotten cock for fun
y0, why don't you shut the fuck up?
Political noding loses its appeal with no one to call you an illiterate liberal fuckoff