Today I had my first dream for a week or so. I finally woke up 38 minutes ago, but most of it is already gone, so I'll have to reconstruct a bit:

I went to bed shortly after midnight yesterday, read through the booklet of Firewater's CD Psychopharmacology, cried for some time because of having listened to the song Fell off the face of the earth for too long this evening, fell asleep and probably had some good sleep until the early morning. The problem is that the windows of my room face the North as well as North-East, and though it's right that the sun never shines in the North in the Northern Hemisphere, during summer the sun shines right through my North-Eastern window at 5:30 AM, no matter how thick my curtains are. So it was this morning, I woke up, turned around (which made my visual field only a little darker) and fell asleep again pretty soon. I woke up for the second time at around 9:30 AM, probably by our housedoor being smashed, either by my father going to church or my mother leaving for a Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra concert. However I was still weary and after some notions about getting up I closed my eyes one more time, this is where the dream that I remember begins:

I was playing Counter-Strike. I wasn't really playing it, but I was IN it! The radar in the upper left looked kinda strange (I haven't played Counter-Strike regularly for a year or so), my teammates were marked as big green dots, but it was definitely Counter-Strike. Oh yeah, and we had no weapons. And a strange model, neither I'm sure if we were Terrorists or CTs, but we were all dressed black, black army trousers, black shoes, a black sweater (I'm not sure if it was a commando), it reminded me of the outfit that Alex wears in Gus van Sant's movie Elephant, I have always been impressed by so completely black outfits.
However, I knew the map. But it wasn't a CS-map. Unfortunately, when I don't think about my dreams, I forget when they were and what they were about. But I know that I once already dreamt of this map, though I think I was playing CS in this dream, not running through the map directly. After the spawn my team (we were about 8 or so) rushed, without buying any weapons, along a street, on our left a row of houses, on the right hand side a metal fence of about two meters height. The garden behind the fence looked like in Day of Defeat, but the house textures were pretty much like in cs_havana, there were also police barriers standing around like in this official Counter-Strike map. So I ran along, up a small hill on this cemented road and found myself in front of a huge, white barrier, more than three meters high. At this point I remembered that I already knew the whole scenario, I turned around to find my teammates about 30 meters behind me. I ran back and hopped over the door into the garden (this was possible through jumping onto the door knob first) onto a loamy road. Because most of my team were already out of sight, I decided to stick to the only other guy left and form a duo. Here I have a small blackout, but I think we moved into the forest on our right. The next thing I remember is coming out of the forest. The sloping lawn in front of us was lighted by the sun, different from the dark night-scenario at the beginning of the dream. The surrounding was dimmed, it was rather dusk than dawn, the lawn reminded me of our boy scout camp in London in 1999. On our first night at this campground outside the city (I was night watch) we found a lawn that was quite similar to this one, a huge factory building (maybe an oil refinery) was found at the end of the slope, the warning lights and other illumination made this building an enjoyable look in this dark surrounding. However, maybe it was this lawn, but without the factory. Because we were still trying to reach the goal of the map, we ran along the edge of the forest to get a better overview of the lawn, because we had also lost the signals of our teammates on the radar. Some meters onward we found two girls standing there. I can't remember their faces, but I think both of them were blond (I'm fond of blond girls recently..), they were about my age, had good-looking bodies and wore casual wear. Me and the other boy started chatting with them (in German), when we suddenly noticed motion on our radar. We turned towards the lawn and saw our teammates (they multiplied, altogether we were probably 15 to 19 people) coming up to us circularly, so that we formed a circle around the two girls with a radius of about five to seven meters. Then we all slowly started to move onto the girls at the same time.
I woke up, looked at the display of my stereo and found out that it was already 4:37 PM. I lay in my bed for some time thinking about the dream, had another look at at my watch, saw that it was 6 PM and fell asleep again.

I effectively woke up at 11:11 AM, started writing this Write-Up at 11:39, it's now 12:58 PM. Corrected 'til 1:21

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