Could an n-qbit quantum computer somehow emulate a >n-qbit quantum computer? And if so, wouldn't that "emulation" run exactly as if it was real? Could we make an arbitrarily large q.c. that way... a whole artificial universe a la H2G2?

I don't know nearly enough about quantum computation to know if this makes sense or not... just tossing a message in a bottle into this Sea of Infinity.

This idea came to me in a dream last night... based on the idea that the universe consists of a very small number of things (maybe 2, maybe just 1... or... 0?) on the fundamental level... but that there is the emulation (or illusion) of infinite numbers of things.

To preface everything, I'm not disturbed by current events in Iraq. Yes, I don't like that everything happened and that the United States somehow managed to do the whole topple-a-government (but hey, that's all we're good at, so now it's your turn to do the democratic thing and make your own god-damned-democracy). Nonetheless, I've had more conversation in dreams about the situation in Iraq than I have had during my waking hours.

Unfortunately this dream occurred around 3:00 am, so my short term memory didn't capture the dream after a few hours of going back to sleep. So in my dream, my family has been waiting in some room. Then there are five men dressed in black with scimitars and other rusty dangerous looking knives (much like the Nicholas Berg video). But I remember that we were about to be executed, and suddenly they all concentrated their attention to my right. The distraction occurred. I then bolted past the captors and went straight to the exit. After they chased me, I managed to find a small crevice and I hid there. Much like all building and prison chases in films, I escaped as the captors follow their perception of where I am. My family was untouched and we drive around the country avoiding the one man who has managed to still chase us. He found us in a house somewhere. The scene played itself in an odd fashion. We all stared each other down. Before he even bothered to attack us, he just shook his head to left, as if he was hinting at the exit. He didn't want to kill us. At least no one was killed in this horrible dream. I've lost too many people I know in bad dreams lately, I don't want to have to lose them again.

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