I find myself at a party, surrounded by all of my friends. There ismusic, dancing, food, drink, and merriment. I am dancing among my friends when the door flies open. And there she was. She was illuminated from behind with a brilliant white light, and I could only make out her outline. But it was all I needed to know it was her. She walked up to me, and I took her hand in mine. We began to dance. The music swelled, and we moved closer together. And closer...closer...our lips brushed together, and we shared a passionate kiss. I say to her, "That was fun. Do you mind if we do that again, repeatedly?". And she agreed. So we kissed again. Then, suddenly, she turned and walked back out the door she came in through. I tried following, but was blinded by the bright light. I called out her name, and she was gone.

Warning: another dark and surreal dream brought to you by AnBolb's Subconscious™

So it started as an episode of Dark Angel, complete with Jessica Alba (thank God!). The team had assembled a huge drill with which they were going to drill down into the underworld to destroy Satan. After several hundred feet they happened upon a cave, inside which were several demons. As it turns out, demons are very similar to sixties horror movie characters; devilishly handsome, dark hair and pointy goatees, and wearing black polo neck sweaters. They were sitting around laughing, all aloof and enjoying their fine brandy and cigars. After several more miles of drilling (and hundreds of caverns filled with "demons") the dream had all but shaken its Dark Angel roots and turned into something a lot darker and weirder.

The team leader entered a large cavern, dark but in places illuminated with a fiery red light. Standing with his hands chained behind his back and fixed to the rock wall was the devil himself - Satan, complete with red skin and goat legs. He was standing with one hoof on the team leader's hand, crushing it slowly so that he was begging for mercy. Satan did then let go, but immediately he broke free from his chains and grabbed the team leader's arm, pushing the hand all the way into his mouth and biting hard. The team leader was crippled with pain, crying out to let him go as Satan slowly bit his hand off. Once again Satan stopped, but only to push the leader's arm into his mouth, sliding it smoothly all the way in. He didn't stop there, but gradually pushed the man's entire body into his mouth, slowly swallowing him alive, smoothly sliding him down into his gullet.

When he had finished, Satan opened his mouth wide, and for a brief moment there was the horrifying sight of human face staring out of his mouth.

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